5 important facts about Afador dog breed


The Afador is a medium-sized cross between the sweet-natured Labrador Retriever and the exquisite Afghan Hound. It is an effectively constructed, athletic pooch described by a neat and tidy, refined head, equitably adjusted skull, long ears, great length, solid neck, respectably wide chest, strong forelegs, all around created rump, and a medium-sized tail.

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afador Demeanor and Behavior

The Afador is significantly cherishing, delicate, and faithful to its family, frequently diverting individuals with its naughty conduct. It might have the free idea of its Afghan Hound parent and choose for itself when it needs fondness.

Being vigilant and defensive around outsiders, the Afador may bark uproariously when an obscure individual goes into the room, which makes it a respectably decent guard dog. It has a decent compatibility with more established, obliging youngsters and different pets that have been mingled.

afador Care

afador Exercise

Since it has a working legacy, it is an overflowing breed that blossoms with movement. It for the most part resists the urge to panic inside however needs day by day open air work out, including a since quite a while ago, chained walk or free keep running in a fenced yard. Let your Afador play a round of bring to enable it to consume off vitality.

afador Prepping

With visit brushing, its jacket can be kept free from tangles and earth while cleaning its ears consistently utilizing a vet-affirmed arrangement decreases collection of wax and soil. Brush its teeth a few times each week and trim its nails once every month.

afador Medical issues

Afadors are by and large a solid breed, yet a few people might be influenced by certain wellbeing conditions like sensitivities, hypothyroidism, waterfalls, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and myopathy.

afador Preparing
afador Acquiescence Training

When preparing your Afador, ensure you give the orders in a low tone, firm voice. Request that it rests, sit, or comply with some other summon before giving it things, for example, a toy, a feast, or a walk. Pick a diversion free place like the lounge or kitchen with the goal that your pet can remain centered amid the instructional meetings.

afador Socialization

Begin mingling your Afador ahead of schedule amid its puppyhood. To enable it to adapt to visitors to your home, set up a circumstance in which a few guests go to your home. Keep your canine on the chain and after that order it to sit or remain. Expand your hand and welcome the visitors with a handshake. It will send a flag to your canine that the outsiders are OK. Request that the guests accept a sideways position as opposed to moving toward your puppy head-on. Let them know not to look, as it helps in quieting a canine.

afador Encouraging

The Afador, being a medium-sized dynamic pooch, needs around two measures of value dry nourishment. Ensure its eating regimen comprises of the correct blend of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

afador Quick Information
Other Names Afghan Lab
Coat Long, fine, smooth
Color Black, cream, yellow, chocolate, and parti colored with white
Breed Type Crossbreed
Lifespan About 10-12 years
Weight 60-70 lbs
Size Medium
Height About 20-25 inches
Shedding Seasonal
Temperament Courageous, intelligent, alert, affectionate, loyal
Hypoallergenic Unknown
Good with Children Yes
Barking Frequent
Country Originated in USA
Competitive Registration/Qualification Information DBR, DRA


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