Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

Afghan dog, a standout amongst the most rich and autonomous thoroughbred pooches of the present time, is exceptionally respected for its unwaveringness and fearlessness. The sure, effortless stance, alongside the prolonged head, a characteristic satiny topknot, long spout, almond-formed eyes, and obviously the long, thick finished coat make it apparently the prettiest among all thoroughbreds. Yet, its free-lively nature and individualized identity regularly settles on it an inadmissible decision for first time pooch proprietors. The measure of prepping and watch over the breed additionally makes it fitting to have some involvement in puppy mind before you consider embracing an Afghan dog.

afghan hound puppies


The Afghans are among the most seasoned breeds with their underlying foundations going back to the antiquated pre-Christian period. The present breed originates from Afghanistan, where they were essentially known as 'Tazi'. Their stamina and deftness enhanced due to being utilized over ages as a coursing dog by the nearby migrant clans of the Middle East. The trademark long, smooth coat shielded them from the cool mountain atmosphere amid these chasing endeavors.

English raisers arranged close Kabul appreciated the breed and presented it in England in 1925, preceding they achieved America in the next year. The presentation of bait coursing rivalries in America supported the notoriety of the breed in the nation. Despite the fact that there are diverse hypotheses and theories in regards to their starting point, very little confirmation has been found about their reality before this time.

afghan dog

Quick Information

Coat Long, thick, silky with a fine texture
Color Black, white, silver, cream, tan, red, blue, brindle or a combination of these colors
Breed type Purebred
Group of breed Hound
Weight Males: upto 60 lbs; Females: upto 50 lbs
Size and height Large; Tall; Males: 26-29 inches; Females: 23-27 inches
Lifespan 11 to 14 years
Temperament Loyal, independent, aloof, shy yet friendly with proper socialization
Good with children Suitable for older children understanding of their needs and temperament
Shedding Moderate, especially when losing the puppy coat
Hypoallergenic Yes
Grooming and requirement High
Ease of training Difficult
Exercise need High
Barking Minimal
Litter size Average 7-8; maximum 15
Competitive Registration APRI, FCI, AKC, UKC, KCGB, CKC, ANKC, NKC, NZKC, CKC, ACR, DRA, NAPR, ACA


There are various middle assortments with two primary sorts of the breed – The Afghan dogs of the western and southern pastry districts of the nation and those of the northern mountain areas. The previous has a tendency to have a slender form with moderately thin, light shaded coat, while the last is described by their bulkier body and darker, thicker coat.


Afghan Retriever : Afghan Hound X Golden Retriever

Pooghan : Afghan Hound X Poodle
Afador : Afghan Hound X Labrador retriever
Afghan Sheepdog : Afghan Hound X Belgian Sheepdog

Disposition and insight

In spite of frequently being considered as a real part of the less astute pooches, experienced reproducers and proprietors assert them to be very sharp and keen. In any case, their free, wild nature frequently adds to making them insubordinate and hard to prepare.

They are known to be very unapproachable with regards to their personality. Not at all like mutts like brilliant retriever, the Afghans are free masterminds and couldn't care less about satisfying their lord, snuggling up or welcoming visitors. Their individual identity may even keep them from following requests unless they need to.

Sighthounds are tranquil and touchy by nature, so yelling and boisterous contentions in the house may influence them to modest and even wiped out. In spite of the fact that they are not normally forceful, it is essential to deal with them with persistence and graciousness; else, they may wind up noticeably discouraged or hostile. Indeed, even the prepared pets keep their common intuition of pursuing little, escaping creatures; so take mind it doesn't chase your neighbor's pets. The Afghan dog additionally has a gay and interesting side with heaps of mingling.

Care sheet


In spite of the fact that they like to live and rest in the house, they are not appropriate for a flat life. The pooches have a tendency to stay truly inert inside, yet require consistent open air exercise, for example, an every day long walk. Being a sighthound, they would likewise adore a free keep running inside a fenced territory. Sufficient measure of natural air practice is prescribed from their puppy days.


That trademark long, plush coat requires a great deal of care and regard for remain that way. Week after week washing might be kept away from unless your puppy is a consistent member in canine shows. Be that as it may, giving a week after week shower can spare you much inconvenience later, keeping a tangled and tangled coat. Brushing the dry coat isn't suggested as it might harm the fine hairs, making it break.

Normal use of a quality puppy cleanser, conditioner, a cream flush or de-tangling moisturizer is important to keep your canine from having a grimy, tangled coat. Make a point not to rub the coat while drying with a towel.

When watching over an effectively tangled canine, make a point to physically take a shot at the tangled hair in the wake of showering and careful molding. The puppy ought to likewise be washed and adapted for the accompanying two days to recapture the strength of its jacket by appropriate preparing. Brushing its teeth day by day (or possibly three times each week) and cut-out the nails at any rate once consistently is important to maintain a strategic distance from any gum issues and keep the paws sound.

Medical issue

They are typically a solid breed with no extraordinary concerns and illnesses. In any case they may in some cases be influenced by sensitivities, ear diseases and waterfall with the side effects being the same as in different puppies. Other wellbeing concerns may incorporate hip and elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, von Willebrand's malady and Afghan dog innate myelopathy (an autosomal-latent confusion of the breed).


Their free nature alongside their unwillingness to take after requests for the most part makes them very hard to prepare. The mentor ought to be patient and comprehension of the pooch's attitude keeping in mind the end goal to succeed. Indoor preparing might be troublesome or unimaginable as this breed is particularly inclined to having mischances while preparing. Adulating and support are frequently inadequate; coordinate requests and diligence on the strainer's side is important.


They expect 2 to 2.5 measures of nutritious dry pooch nourishment every day (isolated into two dinners), ideally containing a vegetable oil supplement to keep up their skin and coat wellbeing. In any case, specialists suggest giving them protein, fiber and sugar rich nourishments (e.g. poultry, sheep, dark colored rice) as opposed to adhering to an all business canine sustenance abstain from food.

You may influence your canine to wear an ear wrap or snood to keep its long ears from touching it sustenance while sustaining.

Fascinating actualities

They were alluded to as the "canine of Noah's Ark" by the inborn seekers of Afghanistan because of their long history of presence.

At the point when utilized as a sighthound in chasing, the quarry of these pooches included bunny, jackals, marmots, wolves and even snow panthers.

The breed increased far reaching acknowledgment in America in the 1970s, after the fame of Barbie and her pet Afghan named Beauty, presented by the American toy producing organization Mattel, Inc.

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