Created as a domesticated animals watchman, the enormous size, solid, substantial headed Akbash Dog is an uncommon Turkish breed that is constantly white, having darker, sideways almond-eyes, solid neck, limit nails, long and frequently feathered tail, angular ears, dull mottles on the skin (under coat), and is known for its sharp feeling of hearing. This breed sets aside opportunity to develop, with a few people taking even up to a few years. The Akbash pooch is useful for such proprietors who have past involvement in canine conduct.

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Little is thought about the source of this breed, yet they have been thought to be old. As said, the Akbash puppy was first reproduced in Asia Minor, now called Turkey, as a watch pooch to protect animals, apparently having impact of both the mastiff and the sighthound in its family. Afterward, in the 1970s, two American scientists, Judith and David Nelson, while directing examination on white hued Turkish pooches, presented a considerable lot of the examples of the type of akbash to USA.

Personality and Behavior

As a rush monitor puppy (preying particularly upon predator wolves, coyotes, bears and so forth.), the akbash, with its solid maternal impulse, assumes the liability in ensuring the family kids like they are a piece of its run, and would even protect its family by intuition by watching, for which reason they would be exceptionally suspicious of outsiders, and would at first bark or snarl as notice, however not being forceful. Not being excessively of a vivacious breed, the canine would keep its vitality in store for crisis circumstances, amid which time they would demonstrate their colossal speed, quality, and physicality. They are not tolerant to different breeds, and the best place to put this puppy is the place they have some activity for themselves, and they would not dither surrendering their lives for the proprietor. They are not appropriate for condo life however, since they require in any event a large portion of a section of land of room to play. Rustic or nation life suits them the best.

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Quick Information

Other Names Çoban Köpeği, Akbaş, Akbash Dog
Coat Dense, rough, double, short to medium
Color White
Group (of Breed) Guardian
Lifespan 10 to 12 years
Weight/Size Male: 90-140 pounds; Female: 75-105 pounds
Height Male: 28-34 inches; Female: 27-32 inches
Shedding Moderate
Temperament Independent, intelligent, loyal, alert, loving, bold
Country of Origin Turkey
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size 7-9 puppies
Good with Children Yes
Competitive Registration NKC, UKC, CKC, ADI, ARPI, ACR, DRA

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The normally quiet natured, low-vitality breed, with a low rate of digestion, and thus, in the event that they don't get appropriate exercise hours, they would have a tendency to end up noticeably dangerous, enjoying heaps of yapping, burrowing, pacing, biting and so forth., consequently, taking them out for long strolls or running and enable them to play around in a fenced territory every day is critical, and henceforth, restricted exercise isn't suggested.


The normal gatekeeper canine is adjusted with a cruel coat requiring ostensible support, and subsequently, brushing it week by week is sufficient to keep it sound and the dead hair away. Bathe it once in a while, if just the white coat is messy. Other than that, trimming their nails on occasion, and brushing the teeth routinely is great.

Medical issues

While getting the puppies from the raisers, purchasing just from OFA hip confirmed stock is suggested, since this breed may get influenced by hip dysplasia, be that as it may, they are generally a by and large sound breed, with a couple of other general pooch ailments and conditions like epilepsy, osteosarcoma, lymphoma, cruciate tendon wounds, hypothyroidism, gastric torsion (swell), umbilical hernias, cardiomyopathy, kidney disappointment, a couple of different tumors and joint irritation. Keep it far from sun and warmth.

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Prepare it reliably and compensate it for good conduct, instead of being unforgiving while at the same time giving them socialization or any sort of preparing, since that may just prompt testing conduct or whatever other such behavioral disorders when grown-up. Tell it that it's you who is its pack pioneer by driving it wherever you take it, since, as a run monitor, its legitimate nature is solid . Utilize a stern voice and some light negative techniques to redress its terrible conduct. Enable it to associate with individuals and not to wind up plainly excessively possessive about its 'rush' or 'property'.


Despite the fact that it can make due on any sort of sustenance, however fundamentally, the akbash is a meat-eating kind of pooch and read meat is the suggested sort of nourishment. You can likewise serve it with vegetable dishes and different eatables with high sustenance, particularly those that contain enough fiber. Nonetheless, don't give it a chance to indulge to keep away from issues like swelling. On the off chance that you sustain your pet with dry sustenances, leave the nourishment for 10 to 15 minutes just, and afterward expel to abstain from indulging. You can likewise blend the dry sustenance with some perfect canned nourishment, be that as it may, close to two dinners daily is required. On the off chance that your akbash appreciates sustenances like cooked egg, organic products, curds and vegetables, ensure that these don't surpass over 10% of its every day count calories. It is likewise fitting not to enable it to practice one hour earlier or after its suppers. Supply enough water to your canine and change the water each day.

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Fascinating Facts

Authoritatively, the akbash has been perceived by Köpek Irkları ve Kinoloji Federasyonu (KIF), i.e. the Turkish Kennel Club.

In spite of the fact that the layer of this breed is simply white, however here and there it bears some dark or beige-hued shades around its ears.

Till date, the akbash fills in as a domesticated animals watch in the rustic locales of Turkey.

The AKC has arranged the puppy under sort 'Uncommon'.

The very name of the breed 'Akbash' is a Turkish word which signifies 'white head' in English.

Authoritatively, the akbash is the National puppy of Turkey.

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