The Aki-crap is a hybrid of the Akita and the Poodle. They are respectably enormous size mutts that have close similarity to their Akita guardians. They more often than not have a solid, fit body, regularly having a dim gag, little eyes, however can have either erect or hanging ears. Their tails are wavy and fleecy, while the entire body is secured with short to medium hair.

akidoodle Personality and Behavior

Particularly like the poodle, the aki-crap makes a warm pet that is additionally committed and steadfast. It has additionally acquired the shrewd idea of the two its folks.

With their strong and tough nature Akita-like nature, they would see the approaching perils to their proprietor and his family.

Much the same as the akitas get a kick out of the chance to assume responsibility, which, thus, descended from their wolf parentage, aki-craps should be defensive of their families, making them a decent watch and protect canine.

In the event that they agree with additional towards the poodle's stance, they may be vocal, yet not broad barkers.

They are energetic, nice and fun loving, and would invest a decent play energy with youngsters, and with the kindred pets in its family, particularly when appropriately mingled.

Notwithstanding, similar to the Akitas, they may not generally be exceptionally OK with more youthful children, particularly if not raised together.



akita mix

akita-poodle Quick Information

Also known as Akipoo, Akitapoo, Akidoodle, Akitadoodle, Akita-Poodle, Pookita, Akita Poodle Mix
Coat Small, medium, dense, straight
Colors All colors of both parent breeds, either solid or bi- or tricolored
Type Companion dog, Guard dog, Watch dog
Group (of Breed) Crossbreed
Life Span/Expectancy 12 to 15 years
Height (size) Large; 15-28 inches (full grown)
Weight Adult Male: 45-120 pounds Adult Female: 40-115 pounds
Personality Traits Loving, intelligent, energetic, protective, alert
Good with Children Yes (with older kids)
Good with Pets Yes
Barking Yes
Hypoallergenic Unknown
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information DRA

akitadoodle Care

akipoo Exercise

Taking them out for a day by day 30 minutes walk or run is vital. Give them a chance to play and raced to their heart's substance. The Akipoo, with its intrinsic grouping and chasing senses, require these exercises to consume its vitality and remain rationally solid.

akipoo Preparing

With a modestly long and thick coat, the akipoos require a successive brushing no less than thrice to four times each week.

akipoo Medical issues

For the most part a sound cross breed. Be that as it may, a few people can create issues identified with dysplasia.

akipoo Preparing

Start instructing your pup when they are in the vicinity of 8 and 12 weeks old, since it is then that they are most responsive to fundamental orders. Prepare them to hold tolerance and by no means should they be permitted to indicate predominance. Eat before your aki-crap, and let it hold up. This would enable it to get, it's you who is the 'big cheese', and it needs to sit tight for its turn.

Prepare your aki crap to mingle and be tolerant with more youthful children. Load your pocket with wonderful doggie tidbits and take your puppy to places where there are offspring of any age – particularly the youngsters' parks, kid situated stores, and so on. Children regularly feel floated towards pups. Give them the tidbits to offer to your puppy, or solicit maybe a couple from them to daintily give a tingle or two. Unwind on the seats in youngsters' stop, and let your pup watch things around.

In the event that you find your puppy tends to bark, don't shout at it to influence it to stop. Since, this may seem like you are yapping with it. Rather, you ought to at first get your pup familiar to the 'talk' charge, and afterward the 'tranquil' summon. This would effectively demonstrate your pup the distinction amongst 'clamor' and 'hush'.

Akipoos frequently acquire the chasing and grouping impulses from their Akita guardians, and subsequently, they would effectively pickup diversion traps like bringing, swimming, pulling, and so forth.

akipoo Eating regimen and Feeding

Being practically the extent of the Akita, an eating routine timetable like mutts of this fabricated is prescribed. Ensure your vivacious pooch gets heaps of protein and high-vitality through its every day suppers.

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