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The American bulldog is a sturdy dog with a muscular build. These dogs are very athletic and well boned. The head is large and wide with a box-shaped muzzle. Ears can be small to medium in size, perky or hanging.

The dogs have a powerful neck, broad chest and muscular long legs. Coat of the dog is short and coarse. It comes in various color combinations of solid white with patches of red, tan, brindle and fawn. It has a low set thick tail that tapers towards the end.

They are incredibly agile and are built for chasing down vagrant cattle and helping out in work at the farm. It is a gentle and family loving companion dog. It is fearless in nature and can stand against any danger coming towards its family.

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Quick Information                  

Other Names American Bulldogge, American Bulldogge, Old Country Bulldog, AM Bulldog
Coat Harsh, short
Color Solid white or white with patches of black, brown, fawn, white.
Breed type Purebred
Group Bulldog (Guarding dogs)
Size Medium to Large
Lifespan/ Life Expectancy 10-15 years
Height Male – 20 to 26 in

Female- 20 to 24 in

Weight Male – 71 to 119 lb

Bully type – 86 to 130 lb

Female - 60–90 lb

Litter size 7 to 16 puppies
Temperament Friendly, loyal, confident, energetic, gentle, dominant
Good with children Yes
Barking Occasional
Shedding Moderate and Seasonal Shedding
Hypoallergenic No
Competitive Registration Qualification/Information UKC
Country of Origin United States of America


Its ancestor is believed to be the old English Bulldog which was brought by the working class immigrants to North America. The dog mainly did the job of the “catch dog” by herding the cows and other livestock for the farmers to corral them.

They executed the task of property guardian too. The dogs were a popular K 9 partners for these ranchers for doing all-around farm work. The breed’s intelligence, loyalty, and agility made them exceptionally helpful for handling the cattle and for hunting purpose.

The dog hunted down the feral pigs successfully which were an invasive species and not native to the American south with no natural predators. Sadly, these dogs were abused too by subjecting them to a barbaric sport of bull baiting.

By the end of World War II, the American bulldog came almost to the verge of extinction. A breed enthusiast named John D. Johnson, a returning war veteran took the initiative of reviving this breed.

He got support from Alan Scott who was an American bulldog lover too.  Both of them started working together to save the breed from extinction. A careful breeding program of this dog started after the war and the records of the breed's health and working abilities were preserved. Two different lines of bulldogs emerged at this period named Johnson American Bulldog and Scott American Bulldog.

Types of American Bulldogs

Johnson American Bulldogs

Commonly known by the name of Classic American Bulldog, this type is the larger of the two types. These dogs have a height of  23 to 27 inches at the shoulder and weigh around 90 to 120 pounds. The Johnson types closely resemble the English bulldog.

Their bones are heavy, the chest is broad, and the head is boxy in shape. The Johnson type has a distinctly undershot bite, and mostly the lower teeth are not visible in the closed mouth condition. You can see Cropped or natural ears in both the American bulldogs.

Scott American Bulldogs

Called by the name of ‘standard’ American Bulldog, they are smaller in size and are more athletic. The dog is often mistaken for an American Pit Bull terrier.

They have a narrower head and muzzle. The Scott type has a slightly undershot jaw with the lower teeth at the front of the mouth that touches the exterior of the upper teeth which is known by the name of reverse scissors bite.

American Bulldog Mixes 

American Bulldog Pitbull Mix
Boxer-American Bulldog Mix
Lab -American Bulldog Mix
Pitbull-American Bulldog  Mix
Bullmastiff-American Bulldog Mix
English American Bulldog Mix
American Bulldog German Shepherd Mix
Rottweiler American Bulldog Mix
Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix
Husky American Bulldog  Mix

Temperament and Personality

They are intelligent, friendly and affectionate which makes them an excellent family companion. These dogs have a gentle disposition and love children very much. They at times act like a big lap dog. The dogs are a bit territorial and incredibly protective about their family members.

They have a little suspicious tendency towards strangers which makes them an excellent watchdog. It has an inherent hunting instinct which can make them a bit unfriendly towards smaller pets and cats. They might tend to chase them too. They have incredible stamina which makes them a superb working dog.

Socialization of these dogs must start from an early age. Try to make these dogs mingle with other pets to cut down their aggression towards them. Its hostile behavior toward other dogs may pose a problem for you. Owners who already have dogs must bring this dog to their home at its puppy age.

This breed is unfit for small apartments which aren't spacious enough to play and burn off their energy. It requires plenty of physical activity daily for mental and physical stimulation. Lack of physical activities might make it resort to destructive actions.



It is perfect for those families who are active and have a large spacious home. These dogs require a vigorous amount of exercise regularly. You should provide your dog daily 1 to 2 hours of outdoor activity.

Long walks and jogging will be ideal for these dogs. Includes games like chasing and Frisbee in the daily exercise routine of the dog. Sports like agility will be perfect for this dog. This dog can do incredibly well in farm work settings. Allow the dog to run and play in open enclosed yard to burn up its energy.


The short and harsh coat of the dog is quite easy to groom. The American Bulldog is an average shedder. Comb and brush the dog with a firm bristle brush. Clip the dog’s nails monthly and check the ears weekly to prevent infection.

Bathe the dog only on getting dirty. You may face one of the potential problems of drooling with the bully type breed. To stop it from slobbering in the home, wipe the dog’s face regularly.


These dogs can have few serious health problems including bone cancer and continental deafness. The common canine issues which can bother them are hip dysplasia, entropion and thyroid problems. Individual dogs may suffer from issues like cataract, mange, or hypothyroidism.


It is a courageous, intelligent breed with traits of stubbornness. It can be a little challenging for the new owner to train them. You have to make the dog realize that you are the dominant one right from the beginning. It will require an incredible amount of dedication and patience to train these dogs.

Start obedience training early: It is better to start their socialization right from their puppyhood. Begin with hand and voice commands. Hand commands will help you in a situation where the dog won’t be able to hear you.

Emphasize on basic voice commands like “COME”, “SIT” “STAY” and “Comeback”. Reward the dog on responding to you positively.

Positive reinforcement methods: It will be very helpful to train these dogs. They love to please their owners and share a great bond with them. Gentle and consistent training techniques will work in a better way to train these dogs.        

 Socialize the dog at its own pace and do not haste on socializing it.  Give the dog its own own time for proper socialization. Start introducing the dog to new scenarios and things step by step.

Familiarize the dog with cats, small children and other dogs with whom you want your dog to be comfortable with. Do not bring them face to face directly. Keep them in separate rooms and let them get each other’s smell with the guard of closed doors.

You can allow small interactions between them. Keep a hold on your dog and let it get closer to other dogs and cats with each passing day.

Leash train the dog to keep it under control. Few areas have legal liabilities for owning the American Bulldog. It will help in preventing your dog from sprinting after small animals and cats.


It is a hard-working dog and needs the right food to fuel its energy needs. You must feed the dog highly nutritious dog food. Meat should be the primary ingredient in its diet chart. Include that food which has nearly 30 percent of crude protein and 20 percent of crude fat. The fiber content in the food should be 4 percent or less.   

American Bulldog Highlights

The American Bulldog was a part of a horrendous sport like bull baiting. Now it has become working farm dogs and family companion.

The breed was nearly extinct at the end of World War II

There are multiple types of American Bulldogs currently. They used to be mostly white, and now they come in different patterns and colors.

They do not like to stay alone for a long time without their master.

The dogs have extensive exercise requirement and are not suitable for small apartment owners.

People frequently confuse their looks with Dogo Argentino and American Pit Bull which are entirely separate breeds.

This breed is suspicious towards strangers and is extremely territorial.

The dogs make an excellent watchdog.                 

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