American Water Spaniel

The American Water Spaniel, as the name proposes, is a type of water spaniels that created in the United States most presumably amid the time of colonization. They have a normal stature, with their whole body shrouded with wavy hair in various shades of dark colored. They have a roundish skull with a stretched gag projecting out of it, finishing in a dull dark colored nose. Different qualities incorporate low hanging ears, dark colored eyes, and a straight tail secured with wrinkled hair. Beforehand known as no-nonsense seeker pooches, utilized for recovering prey from both land and water, these absolutely reproduced, wonderful, delightful breeds could effectively charm themselves as house pets over the long haul.

History and Development

The particular history and start of the American Water Spaniel are as yet obscure. In any case, thinking about its looks and highlights, it is generally trusted that they have some hereditary association with the English water spaniel that was once conveyed to the US. In spite of the fact that the last is as of now a wiped out breed, its portrayal appears like related to its American partner.

The early European pilgrims who colonized in America carried the English water spaniels with them trusting that, their seeker pets would not simply have the capacity to discover nourishment for themselves, yet in addition assemble the same for their families.

Before the finish of the nineteenth century, it in the long run turned into a set up breed, likewise being in Wisconsin. The reason is that these strong, darker spaniels, not simply made great buddies, but rather were adjusted to go ahead with recovering work under any circumstance. In the meantime, they have an agreeable size to fit into little water crafts.

In 1881, a breed club shaped for the first run through. Shockingly, these canines soon started to blur away from plain sight after the contemporary huntsmen began looking for a more specific canine friend set up of these little estimated, flexible pets. Such a circumstance about brought about the elimination of the breed in the long run.

In 1920, be that as it may, this situation fortunately began to change once more, when one Fred J. Pfeiffer, an ace reproducer, took it to the United Kennel Club to get it perceived. Pfeiffer likewise stepped up with regards to get the acknowledgment of the American Kennel Club in 1940. These means, taken by the commended reproducer, roused numerous different admirers of the breed and started them to approach for a typical reason. The consequence of this brought together exertion was a win, helping the breed from getting nonextant until the end of time.

Quick Description

Also known as American Brown Spaniel, American Brown Water Spaniel
Nickname AWS
Coat Characteristics Solid-colored, Dense, Double, Curly
Colors Brown, Coffee, Chocolate, Tan, Liver
Type Sporting Dog (AKC), Hunting Dog, Working Dog, Gundog, Companion Dog, Terrier Dog, Watchdog
Life Span/Expectancy 10-12 years
Height (Size) Medium; 15-18 inches (both adult male and female)
Weight Male: 30-45 pounds;
Female: 25-40 pounds
Personality Traits Brave, Loyal, Independent, Loving, Playful, Active
Good with Children Yes
Compatible with New Owners No
Barking Often
Shedding/Hair Loss Minimal
Drooling Moderate (some individuals)
Play-biting Moderate
Weight Gain Tendency Average
Climatic Compatibility Medium heat and cold tolerance
Litter Size 8 puppies/litter (average)
Hypoallergenic No
Availability Common
Country of Origin USA
Competitive Registration ACA, ACR, AKC, AWSC, APRI, CKC (Canadian Kennel Club), CKC (Continental Kennel Club), DRA, FCI, NAPR, NKC, UKC
Qualification Information Breed Standards
Clubs and Organizations The American Water Spaniel Club

Demeanor and Behavior

The American Water Spaniels are savvy, steadfast and friendly, however for the most part one-man canines, holding amazingly well with the individual they adore. They are possessive about their region (proprietor's property) and are common monitor mutts too. Be that as it may, they have enough versatility to blend well with different individuals from the family, consequently rising as awesome buddy puppies.

Known for their spryness in recovering (particularly shot ducks), this is a dynamic breed, and furthermore does well with kids, aside from a few lines that still hold their overwhelming and forceful manner. They are agreeable with different pets as well. Be that as it may, they may be modest towards different mutts. The breed has a characteristic interest for water.

The AWS appreciates consideration, and may regularly cry in the event that they don't get that enough. They can now and again indicate free or resolved manner or even nourishment envy. As chasing pooches, they are ready and make superb guard dogs also. A few people can wind up being vocal if not appropriately prepared.



Farmland houses that have encased yards suit best for these mutts. The American Water Spaniels require vivacious activities consistently for no less than 2 hours. They would appreciate every day running sessions and recovering recreations like Frisbee. Since they adore water, swimming is a smart thought, either in a pool or at the shoreline.


They have a twofold coat. The external coat is wavy and is additionally sleek, and require normal care. Brush them twice or thrice seven days. You may likewise need to cut from their feet and topknot. Since they have a propensity for entering the water, their freely hanging ears may hold dampness (setting aside the opportunity to dry), prompting ear diseases/sensitivities. Check the ears consistently.

Medical issues

American Water Spaniels have no significant wellbeing concerns or any regularly normal sicknesses. Be that as it may, minor issues incorporate issues like lenticular opacities and CHD. Every so often, a few people may experience the ill effects of PRS or patellar luxation. Additionally, hip, ear and eye tests every now and then are suggested.


Known for their astounding trainability, the AWS can energetically get all that you can instruct. They particularly exceed expectations in such instructional meetings that have some assortment, instead of every day 'dull' schedules.

To keep its predominant nature in control give your puppy dutifulness preparing when it is going to 2 to 3 months of age. While showing it a large group of charges like "sit," "come" and " stop," make a point to compensate it when it takes after the same.

Your AWS tends to be possessive of sustenance. For this, it must discover that it's the pack pioneer who eats first. Never bolster your pooch while its human relatives are eating. Complete your feast to begin with, and afterward sustain your pooch. Start rehearse from the prime of its life. Moreover, you ought to likewise win your canine's trust on you, when you are around its sustenance bowl. Start with encouraging your puppy by your hands from its bowl, so it can relate its nourishment bowl with the fragrance of your hand. Drop a treat in its bowl while it is eating. This training would give your canine people drawing close to its bowl are not awful.

To stay away from any unyielding quality coming about because of dullness, make certain you make preparing a propensity since its puppy days, with varieties in your strategy. Maintain a strategic distance from discipline, since this would just expand preparing uneasiness in your canine, and would in the long run prompt unyieldingness.

Your canine tends to meander. Along these lines chain preparing is critical. Get it acclimated with the rope ideal from adolescence to ensure it acknowledges the chain serenely particularly when these mutts are outside.

Eating regimen/Feeding

Partition 2½ to 3½ measures of dry high-vitality kibbles into break even with divides for their day by day suppers.

Intriguing Facts

The American Water Spaniel is the state pooch of Wisconsin.

This breed has been positioned 143rd among the pooch breeds enrolled by the American Kennel Club.

Before getting perceived by the AKC, these pooches had been absolutely a working weapon puppy.

In 1993, the American Water Spaniel got the Flyball Championship title.

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