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anatolian shepherd

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a type of exceptionally antiquated animals gatekeeper canines that started just about 6000 years back in Turkey. With an extensive size and powerful physical make-up, these are one of the world's greatest and most forcing puppies, portrayed by cautiousness and speed. They have a durable, solid body with a thick neck, wide chest, a wide head, triangular, drop ears, and a dull, limit gag. Their legs are sufficiently heavy to pursue huge creatures assaulting its rush.

anatolian shepherd dog

History and Development

The extremely primitive breed Anatolian Shepherd Dog created in the Central Anatolian Plateau of Turkey around 6,000 years back, getting its name from this district.

The Anatolian Shepherds that are by and by found in the US are accepted to be a blending of the three run guarding Mesopotamian breeds viz., the Kars that are found in the eastern piece of Turkey, the Akbash from the west, and the Kangal from the focal locale.

As the centuries progressed, the Anatolian puppy developed as an exceptionally versatile breed that could withstand shifting conditions like the roaming way of life of their lords or having the capacity to travel long separations. They were likewise ready to go up against unexpected climatic changes like the dry and sweltering summers and the bone chilling winters. They were basically utilized as run watches for guarding the steeds and sheep of their proprietors from wild creatures that were much bigger than them including lions, tigers, panthers, jackals, wolves, bears, and cheetahs.

In 1967, the pooch was conveyed to North America by Robert Ballard, a lieutenant of the US Navy, who was posted in Turkey. In 1970, the match created their first litter that gave the foundation of the Anatolian pooch breed in the U.S. Long later, in 1996, the Anatolian Shepherd breed was perceived by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Disposition and Behavior

The ASD is an accommodating, smart breed completely committed to its relatives. They convey an extremely quiet yet sure articulation, being characteristic safeguards of their families.

This canine has a natural doubt towards outsiders, a quality that originates from its primitive deportment of shielding its family from any potential threat (redundancy). This impulse has likewise made it regional, however a decent 'guard dog' and 'protect canine' in the meantime. They are not vocal, and would just bark when required, or when they feel incited.

ASDs are peace-adoring, genuine natured puppies that would from time to time get engaged with any inconvenience. They are great with kids; in any case, their hesitant nature may now and again keep them from being a decent companion that can fulfill the want for the children.

anatolian shepherd temperament

Quick Description

Other Names Karabaş (Blackhead), Anatolian Blackhead (Anadolulu Karabaş), Kangal, Coban Kopegi, Karabash, Kara Bas, Kham Kepiji Dog, Scandinavian Nygaard Dog
Coat Short, wire, thick, double, rough
Colors Black, light brown, beige
Type Livestock Guardian Dog
Group (of Breed) Purebred
Lifespan 10-13 years
Weight Male: 110–143 pounds
Female: 88–121 pounds
Height (Size) Large;
Male: 29–32 inches
Female: 28–31 inches
Personality Traits Brave, alert, loyal, intelligent, protective, reserved, peaceful
Litter Size 5-10 puppies at a time
Good with Children Yes
Good with Pets Yes (including dogs, if socialized)
Good for New/First-time Owners No
Shedding Heavy
Barking Moderate
Drooling Moderate
Hypoallergenic No
Country of Origin Turkey
Time of Origin Approximately 6000 years ago
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information AKC, FCI, ANKC, CKC, KC (UK), NZKC, UKC
Breed Standards

anatolian shepherd puppies



This huge puppy has a drive to meander and should be taken out for a long walk and running each day. They ought to likewise be permitted to play and circled in an encased territory, off chain. Such consistent timetables would surely keep them physically dynamic and also rationally solid.


This puppy sheds frequently particularly amid the mid year months. They have a twofold coat that is to some degree wiry and is generally thick around the neck locale (as an adjustment to secure the throat neglected climate of the Anatolian Plateau). The coat should be brushed a few times every week. Try not to bathe them unless they require it.

Medical issues

A few reports say that they experience the ill effects of dermatologic, musculoskeletal issues. Lipomas, Entropion and canine hip dysplasia are additionally found in this breed.

anatolian shepherds


Anatolian Shepherds don't have numerous behavioral issues with the exception of the possessiveness, which originates from their regular regional disposition. You should simply start socialization at a young age. Give your pooch a chance to blend with as much 'outsiders' (your companions or relatives) as conceivable all the time. Request that your nearby ones visit your place, even with their pets.

Likewise, let it get used to hearing your doorbells ring, somebody venturing in, sitting and conversing with you, while in the meantime, you too ensure that you don't pull back your consideration far from your pet. Let them not feel embarrassed within the sight of those 'others' whom they would have generally considered as outsiders. You may request that you're going to companions attempt to make companions with it or give it a treat from its snacks-box.

Mingle your puppy taking it to pooch stops, or even places like shopping centers, canine stores, or a companion's place (who will welcome your pet). As it were, such encounters and snapshots of socialization appropriate from its young age would enable your canine to figure out how to acknowledge everybody and everything rapidly and clearly.

anatolian shepherd dog

Eating routine/Feeding

An extensive breed like the ASD needs around 4-5 measures of dry canine sustenances every day, separated into two equivalent dinners.

Intriguing Facts

An Anatolian Shepherd named Duke is the creature envoy at the San Diego Zoo.

Haatchi is an Anatolian Shepherd Dog having three legs and built up an exceptional bond with an extremely youthful and wiped out kid Owen. In 2013, them two together won in the "Companions forever" class at the 'Crufts' (a universal yearly canine occasion held in the UK).

Starting at 2016, their overall ubiquity positioning is 84 (source: AKC).

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