Ariege Pointer Dog Breed Information

Ariege Pointer

The Ariege Pointer is a moderately late French chasing puppy ordered under the 'pointing weapon canine' sort. Ariege Pointers, considered as the national legacy of France, are profoundly lively canids, gifted in recovering. They are regularly kept as seeker mutts as opposed to pet or show canines. This breed has a general smooth look with an extensive, extended head, a long gag, covering lips, a light nose, almond eyes and huge, freely hanging ears. The chest is expansive that has slowly thinned down towards the midriff. These pointers have a long, thin tail hanging straight downwards, while their legs are solid, adjusted for running at rapid.

Ariege Pointer History

The Ariege Pointers created in the Ariegeois district of France, from which they got their name. The began from the old French Braque puppies that were made to cross with the orange and white Southern Braques, back in the nineteenth Century with an intend to acquire movement and lightness.Developed as a mainland pointing breed, they turned out to be extremely light-footed and vivacious with a great feeling of smell. These mutts were additionally gifted retrievers and were impeccable as a chasing partner, particularly wild rabbit, quail, and partridge. Therefore, the neighborhood seekers kept on reproducing and utilize them.

Created as a mainland pointing breed, they turned out to be extremely light-footed and lively with a phenomenal feeling of smell. These puppies were likewise talented retrievers and were flawless as a chasing partner, particularly wild rabbit, quail, and partridge. Thus, the nearby seekers kept on rearing and utilize them.

Notwithstanding, they were just reared just by the seekers since they were initially chasing puppies, and in the end, the breed practically vanished amid the World War II.

In 1990, a gathering of raisers stepped up with regards to breed them dedicatedly. The group was going by Alain Deteix, who buckled down for the breed's survival, and steady restoration.

In 2006, the breed got acknowledgment by the UKC (United Kennel Club). At exhibit, the Ariege Pointer is generally obscure outside of France and is for the most part utilized as a chasing canine.

Ariege Pointer Quick Description

Other Names Ariege Pointing Dog, French Pointer (Ariegeois), the Ariegeois Pointing Dog, Braque de l’Ariege (French)
Coat Short, single, rough, thick
Colors Primarily white hair with speckles or large patches in orange, liver, or chestnut
Type Hunting Dog, Gun Dog, Retriever, Pointer, Working Dog (UKC)
Group (of Breed) Purebred
Lifespan 12-15 years
Weight 25 to 30 kg (55.1 to 66.1 pounds) (full grown male/female)
Height (Size) Large;
Male: 60–67 cm (24–26 in);
Female: 56–65 cm (22–26 in)
Personality Traits Loyal, playful, friendly, independent, skilled, forgetful, docile, easily trainable
Litter Size 4-8 puppies (at a time)
Good with Children Yes
Good with Strangers No
Hypoallergenic No
Country of Origin France
Time of Origin 19th Century
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information UKC, FCI (Pointer type #177)
Breed Standards

Ariege Pointer Personality and Behavior

The Ariege Pointer canines are vivacious and energetic mutts that adoration to remain occupied and dynamic. They are faithful to their proprietors and relatives, and are great with youngsters and different puppies, particularly when raised together. Be that as it may, it isn't prescribed to keep them in living arrangements where there are little non-canine pets. Ariege Pointers are regularly careful about outsiders and are autonomous disapproved.

Ariege Pointer Care

Ariege Pointer Exercise

They are vigorous puppies and need a decent arrangement of exercises each day. Take them out for an overwhelming walk and running session for no less than 60 minutes, ideally twice per day. They require a lot of room to circled and play. In this way, it is prescribed that they get proprietors with a substantial, fenced yard.

Ariege Pointer Preparing

Their short coat is anything but difficult to mind. Brushing them once seven days is sufficient to keep them clean.

Ariege Pointer Medical issues

The Ariege Pointer pooches don't get any ailments that can be viewed as particular to their breed. In any case, be careful about puppy sicknesses regular to breeds with abnormal amounts of exercises including hip and elbow dysplasias, patellar luxation (disengagement of the knee), and so on. Additionally, keep a note of the wellbeing history of the two its folks.

Ariege Pointer Preparing

To avert odds of any whimsical conduct upheld by its chasing impulse, start essential guideline preparing like stop, sit, return or end, ideal from its puppy days. It ought to discover that pursuing fowls or pet felines are not adequate. Be steady, however never impolite. Preparing them is simple, particularly when you continue with the preparation procedure with top notch treats when it complies with your words.

The rope preparing is likewise significant to pick up control over this seeker breed. Show it to acknowledge the rope joyfully, when you want to do as such. Give a pat or an embrace for wearing the rope with the goal that it comprehends that, wearing it would present to it its lord's adoration.

Keep the lesson timings brief however engaging, since they have a short memory traverse.

Ariege Pointer Eating routine/Feeding

On a normal, the grown-up Ariege Pointers (male and female) require 2 to 2½ measures of great, dry puppy nourishment every day. You can likewise blend can sustenance (like meat or soup) in their eating routine. In any case, meat ought to ideally be served crude.

Ariege Pointer Intriguing Facts

Their French name 'Braque de l'Ariege' specifically converts into English as the Ariege pointing canine.

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