Artois Hound

The Artois Hound is one of the most seasoned and uncommon French breeds that grew for the most part to hunt purposes. Plummeting from the hound dogs, they are lively, medium-sized pooches with a long head, a hefty jaw, covering lips and a dull gag. Their eyes are almond-formed, while the vast ears hang freely down to their neck. They have a wide chest, hearty and all around ripped legs and a long, sickle-molded tail.

History and Development

The Artois Hound, already known as the Picard or Picardy dog, created in France essentially to hunt foxes, deer, wild pigs and bunnies amid the season of French Kings Henry IV and Louis XIII.Some specialists assume that they are identified with the Bloodhound (St. Hubert Hound), the Normands Hound, the Beagle, and also the pointers.

In spite of the fact that there is no solid confirmation about the correct time of its cause, a few specialists additionally trust that they have existed in the nation since the 16thcentury, which is clear from a few artistic creations and works of art portraying a breed like the cutting edge Artois.

By the nineteenth century, the Artois Hound turned out to be a major achievement in the field of chasing and turned out to be to a great degree well known among the seekers of the nation. Be that as it may, with the presentation of crossbreeding with other British dogs, the virtue of their bloodline crumbled. To such an extent that it took right around two decades for Ernest Levair and his cousin, M. Therouanne, to bring back the first Artois breed.

Quick Description

Other Names French Artois Hound, Picard, Picardy Hound, Chiend’Artois, Briquetd’Artois, Briquet
Coat Short, smooth,
Colors White, Black, Dark Fawn, Tri-color
Type Sheepdog, Herding Dog, Companion Dog
Group (of Breed) Purebred
Lifespan 12-15 years
Weight 55 to 90 pounds
Height (Size) Medium to Large
58.42 cm approx.
(both male and female)
Litter Size 8 to 15 puppies
Personality Traits Brave, loyal, playful, independent, willful, affectionate
Good with Children Yes
Good with Pets No (if not trained from young age)
Good for New/First-time Owners Yes
Shedding Less
Hypoallergenic No
Country of Origin France
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information FCI
Breed Standards

After the end of the World War II, the number of inhabitants in the breed saw a noteworthy decay, practically nearly being wiped out perpetually, until the point that the stock was reproduced in the 1970s by one Mr.Audréchyfrom northern France.

At introduce, these creatures keep on remaining a brilliant chasing canine, however, their numbers are on the decrease. Right up 'til the present time, they exist basically in their local area.

Demeanor and Behavior

Artois Hounds are pooches with a general sweet nature. They are tender, kind and steadfast, giving back their adoration to any individual who cherishes them. This breed is inviting and agreeable with everybody they are familiar with. They are great with youngsters and appreciate playing unpleasant and tumble diversions with them. Be that as it may, with their chasing senses, untrained people may not generally end up being useful for littler pets and different canines.

They are not fit for a kept living (as in a flat) and necessities space. This breed does not make great guard dogs, be that as it may, they would quickly alarm their relatives in the event that they run over anything suspicious.

These dogs are provoke and quick, having an autonomous nature, alongside a solid feeling of smell. In this manner, the scarcest of incitement may arrive the canine to horrible circumstances, if left untrained. Being conceived seekers, they would frequently pursue little creatures (just to satisfy their lords), unless it is prepared to comprehend that such conduct isn't something its lord increases in value.



Being a dynamic seeker canine with a great deal of continuance, it needs adequate exercises to remain invigorated. Never skip strolling and running sessions with your canine for no less than 30-45 minutes, twice every day. Since they have heaps of vitality and a liking for playing, approach your children to go along with them for entertainment only every night in an open territory. In any case, ensure its chain is away, and the region is encased.


You have to bathe your puppy just when required, else you can utilize a dry cleanser or wipe it clean with a towel absorbed water. Brush its jacket more than once every week with a hard-swarmed brush. Trim its nails when too long, and watch out for its long hanging ears to maintain a strategic distance from the advancement of diseases.

Medical issues

There are no breed-particular medical problems, aside from general pooch ailments basic to all canines.


Try not to enable your canine to grab hold of you.This pooch may be free disapproved and subsequently needs a proprietor who is steady. Truth be told, they were seeker mutts claimed by strict proprietors and took after their feet in the wilderness. Give your pooch a chance to take after your strides while you go out for a walk or run, or even inside, from one space to the next. ( Add this as a prologue to preparing, at that point it ought to be trailed by focuses)

Like all aroma dogs, it is normal for them to take after the trail of a decent fragrance and might allure them to take after the aromas of little creatures like felines or rabbits. Such conduct may in the end turn out to be perilous, particularly if the feline or the rabbit is your neighbor's pet! Notwithstanding, regardless of whether you find the improvement of such conduct in your pup, don't be inconsiderate to it. Rather, take to submission instructional meetings and show it the essential summons like return, stop, sit, or hold up. While your canine is following a chipmunk in your garden, take a bit of meat in your grasp and approach it. Shroud the foodstuff behind you and let your canine get the aroma of meat. Call it by its name requesting that it return. While it complies with your charge, snuggle it and offer the treat. Continue proceeding until the point that your puppy gets used to following

Chain preparing is basic to keep up compelling control over your pet. Instruct your Artois Hound to wear its chain joyfully when you need it to do as such. You should start this preparation at an extremely youthful age. Remember to give it an embrace or value them for being devoted, since acclaims from their lords mean a considerable measure to it.

Eating regimen/Feeding

2-3 measures of dry nourishment, separated into two suppers, is sufficient for this vivacious pooch.

Intriguing Facts

The bark of this pooch is so sharp that it is capable of being heard from as far away as 2 km.

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