Australian Kelpie Dog Breed Information

Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie is a purebred sheepdog and is incredibly dedicated and devoted to its duty. The breed has an inherent instinct of working in the sheep, be it in the open fields or in the enclosed yards. The dog is a bit long in ratio to its height. Its appearance is highly energetic and flexible, thanks to its solid hindquarters and broad chest. The other physical features include well-developed limbs, arched toes, medium sized tail and a long head. It is able to impress the breeders more with its hardworking capacity and less with appearance.


Australian Kelpie Puppy

Australian Kelpie History

It was thought that the origination of the breed took place in the 1870s and it is a cross of the Dingo and the Border Collie. The accurate documentation disclosed that its development is from North Country Collies of Rutherford strain. The dog was brought to Australia in the late 19th century, and now it is one of the most popular working dogs in the country.

Australian Kelpie Varieties

Working Kelpie: They have a smooth, short, or harsh coat that has a range of different colors including cream, light tan, and dark. This variety mainly sheds out its double coat in spring.

Show Kelpie (Bench Kelpie): They have short, solid shades, double coats with pricked ears. They are short and bulky than working variety.

Type Of Mixes

There are other variations of mixes available of the Australian Kelpie. They are mixed with the breeds that are given down below.

Australian Kelpie with Border Collie

Australian Shepherd and Australian Kelpie 

Cattle Dog with Australian Kelpie 

Australian Kelpie with Dachshund

German Shepherd and Australian Kelpie  

 Golden Retriever and Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpie with Siberian Husky

Australian Kelpie Mix

Temperament and Intelligence

The Australian Kelpie is a herding dog which gives it an independent streak. It means that they should be mentally challenged with something to keep them busy or they might resort to destructive behavior. They are highly alert and active dogs with exceptional loyalty towards their masters. Australian Kelpies are always eager to please their masters and an incredibly faithful companion. Their high octane activeness might make it difficult for the owner to contain them in apartment life. Socialization of the dogs should start at puppy age to make them behave well with children and strangers. Their inherent herding instinct might give the dogs a nipping habit.

Quick Information

Other Nicknames Kelpie, Barb, Farmer Dog
Coat Double, Short, Dense, Water-Resistant
Color Black, Red, Blue, Fawn, Cream, Fawn and Tan, Blue and Tan, Red and Tan, Black and Tan
Breed Type Purebred
Group of Breed Working, Herding
Lifespan 10-15 years
Weight 31-44 lb (14-20 kg)
Size and Height 16-20 inches (41-51 cm)
Shedding Minimal
Temperament Intelligent, Friendly, Energetic, Eager, Loyal, Alert
Good with Children Yes
Size of Litter 4-7 puppies
Hypoallergenic No
Barking Yes
Country Originated in Australia
Competitive Registration UKC, FCI, NAAKR, KCGB, ACA, DRA, APRI, ACR, NZKC, NKC, CKC, ANKC

Australian Kelpie Care

Australian Kelpie Exercise

The Australian Kelpie has got an intense amount of stamina which requires a lot of exercise on a daily basis to channelize it properly. These dogs can quickly get bored in apartment life or confined areas like a crate. Regular physical activities are required for this dog, or it may resort to destructive activities, to the extent of harming itself.

Regular activities like long walks, hiking, and jogging, are ideal for this dog for releasing its physical and mental energy. These dogs should not be left alone for a long time without human supervision. They do not trust strangers at all and are highly territorial. Start their socialization right from puppyhood, or they can attack the neighboring pets who wander into your yard. Play games which as the element of fun and frolic which will help to curb the chasing, digging and chewing instinct of the dog.

Australian Kelpie Grooming

Grooming the Australian Kelpie dog is quite easy. Occasional brushing and combing are sufficient for this dog, except its molting period. To retain the natural oils secreted in their water-resistant coat that prevents the skin from drying out, do not bathe them frequently.

Australian Kelpie Medical issues

This breed is relatively healthy apart from common health problems like luxating patella, cerebellar abiotrophy, hip dysplasia, cryptorchidism, and PRA, which may cause partial or complete blindness.

australian kelpie dog

Australian Kelpie Training

The owner has to be tactful and firm in training this intelligent dog or they will show signs of its stubborn and independent nature.

The dogs can respond to the owner's calls and gestures from great distances. The trainer has to use positive and fair methods to train these dogs.

These tireless working dogs must be taught the basic obedience commands which will be required for herding the animals. The trainer should firmly say the commands like "Sit,” “Heel,” “Stay,” “Leave it,” “Come,” and “Off” and see to that the dog responds to them appropriately. Use snacks to motivate and reward the dog after it listens to you.

Australian Kelpie Encouraging

Feed the Kelpie well balanced nutritious food. Include food items like bones, fresh meat, dry foods and fresh vegetables and fruits. You can give the dog spoonful of fresh yogurt at times.

Australian Kelpie Fun Facts

It has got the name "Kelpie"  from "water kelpie," a term utilized by the Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson, in his novel "Kidnapped."

These obsessive working dogs can work for the full day in most extreme hot climate and can cover 1000-4000 acres of land for herding livestock.

A Show Kelpie named "Riley holds the world-record for jumping 2.95 m at the Victoria Kelpie Festival."

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