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The Bergamasco is a crowding pooch breed starting in Bergamo close to the Italian Alps area. It is an intensely statured, longish kind solid breed having a proportional body. Different highlights incorporate an extensive head, adjusted skull, oval-molded eyes, dim nose, short ears achieving a triangular shape, thick somewhat bended tail hanging down to its sells and additionally a completely tangled coat, beginning from the spine and sliding to the flanks. The Bergamasco's caution, understanding nature alongside its protect puppy intuition makes it a prevalent family pet.


The Bergamasco is by all accounts an antiquated breed existing as right on time as 2000 years in Persia where they helped the itinerant clans in running and securing their sheep in the cruel rugged territory. Some of these meandering travelers in the long run settled in the Alpine district of Bergamo, with their pets accomplishing the name of Bergamasco.

They imparted an astounding condition to their lords additionally figuring out how to recognize and take care of issues in its direction, consequently developing as an insightful sidekick.

In any case, after the Second World War, these puppies were nearly very nearly termination, since there was a lessening in the creation of fleece. It was as of now that an Italian reproducer named Dr. Maria Andreoli stepped up with regards to building up this breed further and also sparing it from getting to be noticeably intuition.

Breed Registration Details

The Bergamasco Sheepdog Club of America established in the year 1996, is by all accounts the official club for this breed in the United States, managing in advancing these pooches and in addition looking towards their advancement. They accomplished qualification for enrollment with the AKC and furthermore to compete in the Herding classification in the year 2014 and 2015 individually.

Quick Information

Other Names Bergamasco Shepherd Dog, Bergamasco Shepherd, Bergamaschi, Bergamo Shepherd Dog, Cane da Pastore Bergamasco
Coat Dense, Rough, Harsh, Long, Fine, Water repellant
Color Solid gray, black, silver, white, coal black
Type Purebred
Group Herding dogs, Rare dogs
Lifespan 13 to 15 years
Size Medium
Height Male: About 22 inches
Female: About 23.5 inches
Weight Male: 70 to 84 pounds
Female: 57 to 71 pounds
Litter size 6 to 10 puppies ( on an average 8)
Temperament Protective, alert, active, smart and keen
Good with Children Yes
Climate Compatibility Preferably cold climate
Barking Average ( mainly to alert their owners of any threat)
Shedding Minimal
Hypoallergenic No
Competitive Registration Qualification/ Information AKC, ACR, APRI, ACA, FCI, DRA, UKC, NAPR
Country Italy


Being a solid and overcome pooch in nature, they show an inexorably brilliant and adjusted identity.

Indeed, one like other crowding mutts this one is by all accounts a significant special case since with numerous sheep to tend it for the most part would endeavor in tackling the issues that stopped by its way all alone. This attribute, subsequently, added to its knowledge essentially.

These mindful mutts have a save yet curious nature, wanting to take an interest in everything occurring around it. It even offers a profound obligation of trust and regard towards its proprietors.

In spite of the fact that they don't have a forceful nature, despite everything they make for a surprising gatekeeper and guard dog since they are careful about outsiders, not leaving ay stone unturned to ensure their region if barged in.

It coexists well with youngsters, developing as their ideal companion. Their patient and defensive nature have made them awesome sidekick puppies, utilized for giving treatment to crippled kids, likewise procuring them the moniker "Babysitter Dogs."

They may blend well with different puppies, furnished the last lives with it in peace, while their connection with non-canine pets would be a solid one particularly if raised with them in a similar family unit.



These dynamic and vigorous mutts would flourish better in a major ranch house or one having a substantial yard instead of an encased flat. On the off chance that it is abiding in a homestead, it will figure out how to fulfill its activity needs all alone by crowding and tending sheep or cows. Something else, a long walk every day alongside adequate measure of recess with children would enable it to remain physically invigorated and rationally energized.


Coat write: The Bergamasco has an extraordinary assortment of coat which frames three various types of hair. There is a fine, thick layer of hair shaping the undercoat. At that point comes the goat hair involving long, unforgiving strands lastly the best coat that has a delicate and wooly surface weaving together to shape runs or even free tangles covering its full body, shielding it from the cool climate and in addition different predators. The hair it has on its head is sufficiently long, covering its eyes protecting it from the sun's splendid glare. The Bergamasco puppies would have a delicate, soft coat while running begins between 8 months and one year proceeding till they are around two and settling in a rushing design after they have achieved three years old.

At that point comes the goat hair containing long, brutal strands lastly the best coat that has a delicate and wooly surface weaving together to shape rushes or even free tangles covering its full body, shielding it from the frosty climate and also different predators. The Bergamasco's goat hair if shaved or cut would develop to frame homogenous tangles instead of groups, being hard to brush.

The hair it has on its head is sufficiently long, covering its eyes protecting it from the sun's splendid glare. The Bergamasco puppies would have a delicate, feathery coat while rushing begins between 8 months and one year proceeding till they are around two and settling in a running example after they have achieved three years old.

Despite its tangled coat, prepping this breed does not appear to be excessively troublesome an errand, however the preparing technique may fluctuate at various stages. Brushing a puppy's jacket utilizing a stick brush will evacuate the earth and tangles. As the rushing stage starts, take a stab at prepping its hair physically by tenderly running your fingers through its jacket. In the event that the delicate hair shapes tangles near your pet's skin, at that point have a go at isolating them utilizing your hand. In any case, once its thick wooly coat grows then brushing it once a while would be useful in evacuating earth. Bathe it just when required since the hair adheres to the skin, significantly more, when wet making it hard to independent.

Other prepping needs incorporate nail trimming, cleaning its ears and brushing its teeth.

Medical issues

In spite of the fact that a solid breed, there may be sure occasions of eye issues, swelling or hip dysplasia.


The Bergamasco is a savvy breed, making the preparation methodology a simple and satisfying one. Be that as it may, remembering its autonomous and solid willed nature, this breed would be suited for proprietors who can deal with them in a firm and prudent route as opposed to meek individuals or even amateurs. Bergamasco puppies as youthful as two months are fit for retaining whatever they are instructed. Encouraging feedback techniques would suit them better, while unforgiving ways may prompt hardheaded conduct.

Since it is sufficiently free and should need to get things done in its direction, giving it acquiescence preparing and educating, it charges like "stop," "come," "go," and "move," with the goal that it isn't generally without anyone else.

Remembering its carefulness towards outsiders, familiarize them with different sorts of individuals and take a stab at educating your puppies to recognize a risk from typical conduct.


Their bolstering prerequisites incorporate three to four mugs dry pooch nourishment all the time.

Intriguing Facts

In spite of the fact that it is generally shot tending sheep, Bergamasco is said to be a cows puppy, playing out its undertaking with proficiency and bringing back the groups in the wake of munching without any help without the proprietors.

The dark or silver-dim layer of this breed goes about as disguise, helping it to shield groups from predators.

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