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The Berger Picard, prevalently called the Picardy Shepherd, is a type of French sheepdogs known for their shaggy and unkempt physical appearance and also exuberant identity. These medium-sized puppies are sturdily worked with a square head, oval molded eyes, erect ears, profound chest, straight forelegs, and a reasonably long tail formed like a J-snare at the tip.


Accepted to be an antiquated type of sheepdogs, the Berger Picard was foreign to France by the Celts amid the fifth century BC. A few outlines of Berger Picard-like sheepdogs in woodcuts, etchings, and woven artworks that are several years of age have been recovered.Some specialists considered that the Picardy Shepherd was identified with other crowding breeds like the Beauceron, Briard, and in addition Belgian and Dutch Shepherds.

While it showed up at the primary canine show held in France in 1863, the Picardy Shepherd did not end up noticeably well known as a show pooch in light of its rural looks. Throughout the years, it had taken an interest in pooch appears and grouping trials yet got its first acknowledgment from the French Shepherd Club in 1925.

The breed was about wiped out by the obliterations caused amid the World Wars. Today the Berger Picard populace has expanded somewhat with around 3500 canines in France, 500 in Germany, and 400 in Canada and the US.To safeguard thePicardy Shepherds in the US, the Berger Picard Club of America was set up in 2006. It got its acknowledgment from the AKC in 2015.

berger picard puppies

Quick Information

Pronunciation Bare ZHAY Pee CARR
Alternative Names Picard, Picardy Sheepdog, Berger de Picardie, Bacardi Shepherd, Berger de Picard
Coat Harsh, crisp, wiry outer coat; soft, dense, short undercoat
Color Light/dark fawn, blue-gray, brindle, gray red, gray and black
Breed Type Purebred
Category Herding
Lifespan 13-14 years
Weight 50-70 lb
Size Medium
Height Female: 22-24 inches
Male: 24-26 inches
Shedding Light
Size of Litter 2-10 puppies
Temperament Observant, intelligent, loyal, good-natured
Hypoallergenic No
Good with Children Yes
Barking Occasional
Country Originated in France
Competitive Registration/Qualification Information DRA, UKC, ACR, NKC, FCI, NAPR, CKC, ACA, AKC, APRI


Disposition and Behavior

These sheepdogs with their savvy, touchy, and emphatic nature are viewed as a delightful sidekick. On account of their bright and gave identity, they make awesome mates for kids in the family.

In spite of the fact that they are saved towards outsiders, they coexist well with little pets and felines in the family unit. Caution to their environment, these canines can be prepared to be a decent guard dog.

Being an energetic working pooch, the Picardy Shepherds love doing tasks throughout the day without which they may become exhausted or turned out to be ruinous.



Attributable to their dexterity and energy, the Picards require a lot of movement for the duration of the day. They cherish running in the yard, swimming, running, and going out for long strolls. These canines likewise contend in sports like Flyball, Agility, Schutzhund, and Tracking.

Since they can continue torment and worry without griping, make a point not to excessively practice the puppies, as it could make damage their developing joints.


Brushing their jacket once a month is adequate to counteract tangling however additional brushing amid the shedding season is expected to expel their winter coat. To expel the undercoat, a coat rake can be utilized. General canine upkeep including trimming the nails, cleaning the teeth and ears, and intermittent showering are prescribed.

Medical issues

Albeit hip dysplasia has happened in a few people, it isn't viewed as a breed-particular wellbeing issue.Puppies are here and there influenced by eye diseases, yet these issues don't happen in grown-up mutts. Nonetheless, hereditary eye issue like retinal dysplasia and dynamic retinal decay have been accounted for.


Since Berger Picards can be autonomous and persistent, yet in the meantime delicate, they ought to be prepared right on time by a firm handler. On the off chance that preparation is cruel or conflicting, your Picardy Shepherd won't react to your orders.

Preparing on domesticated animals: Always keep a careful gaze and stay away from contact between your pooch and the homestead creatures. On the off chance that you are not focusing, your canine may think it is fine to disturb your stock. Utilize quiet, youthful animals while acquainting your Picard with the ranch, in light of the fact that a more seasoned dairy animals or sheep may be excessively energized and make your puppy frightful. Have a stern review charge that it has been prepared to comply.

Compliance: Teaching the review or come summon is a valuable instrument for controlling your puppy's irritating conduct. Join a rope to its neckline and let your pup get used to the line. Keep a few treats in your grasp and walk your pooch in the yard. In the wake of moving a couple of paces, begin strolling in reverse and urge it to tail you by articulating the word come. Acclaim and give it the treats once it whirls around and advances toward you.


Regardless of whether you nourish your Picard a characteristic or a business abstain from food, it should comprise of starches (products of the soil), fats, protein (fish, eggs, and meat), vitamins, and minerals. Business nourishment, for example, dry kibble is a sound alternative for your pet.

Fascinating Facts

Berger Picards have shown up in prevalent motion pictures including"Daniel and the Superdogs," "Are We Done Yet?" and "In view of Winn-Dixie."

Christina Potter, an individual from BPCA and proprietor of a Picard, created "Chester Gigolo: Diary of a Dog Star" in 2012. It is a book giving a personification of the life and aspirations of a Picard Chester, which has showed up in a few advertisements for Verizon and Company Store.

In 2016, a Picardy Shepherd named Gabby turned into the main Picard to be regarded as the "best in breed" at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

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