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The Bakarwal Dog is an extremely old type of Himalayan puppies that are indigenous to the higher heights of the Jammu and Kashmir territory of India. Interestingly, these mutts are veggie lover, and abstain from eating tissue. The Bakharwals have twofold coat, with the external coat being normal or long. They have a heavy, solid stature, solid legs, and a rugged tail. The head is expansive with brilliant, adjusted eyes, hanging ears, and a wide gag.

They are thought to be among the rarest of grouping pooches. As of late, an examination has opined that, their populace is in question, and truth be told, very nearly getting to be plainly wiped out. There are as of now no breed clubs for the Bakharwal Dog, nor is the breed perceived by any of the significant pet hotel clubs.


The correct beginning of the Bakharwal Dog is obscure; nonetheless, legend says that, this breed created amid the crude circumstances by intersection wolves with a type of Molosser sheepdogs around 300 years prior. Whichever way, yet this breed started in the Himalayan districts of Jammu and Kashmir in India, and were initially reared by the 'Gujjars' and the 'Bakarwals', two roaming gatherings of Muslims that felt the need of having a watch canine keeping in mind the end goal to secure their domesticated animals, and battle away predators like bears and wolves.

This is an indigenous breed having a place with the Pir Panjal Mountain scope of the Himalayas in the North Indian province of Jammu and Kashmir, where these canines are prevalently found. This is a thoroughbred puppy, be that as it may, a considerable amount of blends have happened in this breed. The immaculateness of their hereditary pool continues getting weakened with the reduction in elevation, towards the fields of India.

Populace: Why are the Bakharwal Dogs getting to be plainly Extinct

Despite the fact that these puppies can make due in the harshest and most difficult climate conditions, a few social and natural components have added to their close termination.

The local clans that lived in the district surrendered their roaming way of life for a lasting presence. This made the puppies isolates from human organization.

In a notable resistance in India, Bakharwal Dogs had been utilized by the security powers to seek after the aggressors, amid which time many were killed by the rivals.

The Bakharwal's litter size is little, with the females creating just 1 to 3 puppies consistently, in this way neglecting to recharge what the breed has effectively lost.

The power of the dangerous rabies, and a couple of other such diseases, has their numbers decay quickly.

Quick Description

Other Names Bakarwal, Kashmir Mastiff, Kashmir Sheepdog, Bakarwal Mastiff, Kashmiri Bakarwal Dog, Gujjar Wathdog, Gujjar Dog
Coat Dense, straight, long
Colors Tri-color, Black & Tan, Piebald
Type Guard dog
Group (of Breed) Purebred
Life Span/Expectancy 8-12 years
Height (Size) Large;
Male: 24-30 inches;
Female: 24-30 inches
Weight 60-79 pounds (both sexes)
Litter Size 1-3 puppies per year
Personality Traits Loyal, social, energetic, alert, brave, independent, responsive, polite
Good with Children Yes (especially older kids)
Good with Pets No
Barking Occasional
Shedding Moderate
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size 3-6 puppies
Climate Compatibility Prefer cool climates; Extremely adapted to harsh climatic conditions
Country of Origin India
Availability Extremely rare
Registries Not registered

Disposition and Behavior

The Bhakharwal is a fierce defender. These canines, as their history of improvement recommends, are normally autonomous, steadfast, and would consider their guarding obligations important. These overcome pooches are once in a while threatened notwithstanding when their rivals are bigger by measure. They would dependably remain close to their lords, securing them, their families and properties from any 'gatecrashers'. Obviously that, these intrinsic attributes has made them an extremely effective watch and protect puppy.

This breed has a solid peaceful nature, that does not make them suited for a condo life. It is prescribed that, they are raised in houses where there is a mid-to-extensive measured yard, since they regularly require space. They are tender to their relatives, and would even make a solid connection with them.

These pooches are puppy forceful, not suited for families having different canines and little pets. Be that as it may, they are known to be great with their family kids, and think about them as a piece of their group, ensuring them with significant responsibility. The puppies are extremely dynamic and frequently demonstrate an inclination to stray or escape.



These are not by any stretch of the imagination indoor canines, and love being outside. Take them out for long strolls every day, and some energetic activities including running and playing, so they find the opportunity to discharge their vitality. They require this to keep a harmony between their physical and psychological well-being.

Give them a chance to play in the yard, yet you should likewise remember that it is appropriately fenced, since they have the impulse to meander away looking for the outskirts denoting their 'domains'.


They don't require vivacious preparing. Brush them through their jackets thrice to five times each week to keep up cleanliness and also their appearance. Notwithstanding, trimming may be required every now and then, since this breed has a twofold coat that may wind up plainly thick rapidly.

Medical issues

The breed has a solid insusceptibility and can be impervious to many general contaminations and canine ailments. Be that as it may, issues like swelling, heftiness, canine hip dysplasia (CHD), patellar luxation, and cryptorchidism have been seen in this breed.


Puppies frequently cry or yowl to express their needs, and furthermore some of the time to request something which you would prefer not to give. In this way, instructing your Bakharwal puppy to be faithful is critical. In the event that you discover your pup is requesting something, or communicating some sort of impulse by crying or yowling, simply disregard it. Never go to comfort your pup, since, thusly, you would just influence your pooch to feel that it is being applauded for that activity, and it will inevitably make it a propensity, unless its requests are satisfied. Or maybe, give it a treat or a pat when it quits crying.

They get exhausted effectively, which frequently brings about dangerous conduct. So never be discourteous to your canine while preparing, or something else. Preparing ought to be fun and remunerating for your doggie. Give it an embrace or a foodie regard as and when it demonstrates achievement. Keep in mind, a sit out of gear cerebrum is the fallen angel's workshop. Along these lines, keep your puppy occupied with intriguing recreations and riddles that need knowledge to comprehend, and in the meantime, give them great cerebrum twisters also.

Your puppy has an energy for staying outside. When you are at home, give your pet as much organization as you can. Along these lines your steadfast puppy would be more disposed in being with you inside.

Eating routine/Feeding

As specified before, an intriguing component about the Bakharwal breed is that, they are vegan. Their most loved dish is drain and bread produced using maize, and they totally refuse utilization of meat. This attribute is innate in its qualities since when they were brought up in a roaming group as animals watchman mutts, they died down on bread, drain, and other drain items.

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