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billy dog

The Billy is a type of extensive and dynamic scenthound from France. With a diminishing populace at display, this canine was broadly utilized as a pack puppy for chasing purposes. They have an expansive and tall structure with a vast head, almond-formed eyes, wide, floppy ears, light-hued nose, wide chest, durable legs and a long, thick tail.

History and Development

The formation of the Billy Dog goes back to the nineteenth century in Central Western France by Monsieur Gaston Hublot de Rivault. They are a hereditary blend of the by and by terminated breeds – Montemboeuf, Ceris, and Larye. The fox blood was additionally blended to keep the line new.

Amid this time, keeping substantial puppies by French rulers was a popular thing, with Kings including Francois I and Louis XIV having scenthounds as their pets. The breed gets its name from the Chateau de Billy, which was the home of de Rivault.

Just before the World War II, the whole pack of Billies had become terminated, with just two people remaining. Afterward, de Rivault's child Anthony included the Porcelaine, the Harrier, and the Poitevin strains to the bloodline to take a risk for the restoration of the breed. The outcome was a win, and the pooch survived, however it kept on staying uncommon like previously.

In 1886, the breed standard of the Billy was first settled. Strikingly, in the last 50% of the nineteenth century, the Billy canine added to the establishment of another breed – the 'Fabulous Anglo-Français Blanc et Orange' pooch.

Demeanor and Behavior

The Billy pooch has an exquisite, steadfast and dutiful manner. It would cling to the administration of its lord and his family. In spite of the fact that they have a delicate and kind nature, proprietors have revealed them to act quarrelsome with its pack mates, and even with other non-canines in the event that they get a possibility. On occasion, it may get diverted on detecting an aroma, and controlling it turns out to be to a great degree troublesome if released at that point.

Billies share a decent compatibility with kids and in addition different pets in the family when raised together. They have an agreeable aura, as a rule, and would rapidly blend with outsiders and visitors, a quality that makes them a poor protect canine. Their innate nature of remaining dynamic throughout the day makes it less reasonable for having a bound existence in the condo.

Quick Description

Also Known As Chien de France-Comte (French)
Coat Short, harsh
Colors Pure to off-white with patches of orange and lemon
Type Purebred
Group (of Breed) Hound, Scenthound
Lifespan 12-15 years
Weight Males: 52 to 70 lb
Females: 52 to 70 lb
Height (Size) Large;
Male: 24 to 28 inches
Female: 23 to 24 inches
Litter Size 3-8 puppies at a time
Personality Traits Brave, loyal, intelligent, trainable, willful, social
Good with Children Yes
Good with Pets Yes (if grows up with other dogs; not recommended for small pets)
Good for New/First-time Owners No
Shedding Average to less
Availability Rare
Climatic Conditions Cannot withstand cold temperatures
Hypoallergenic Unknown
Country of Origin France
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information FCI, UKC
Breed Standards



Since the Billy is a major and dynamic breed, they require at least 45 to a hour of day by day practice as a replication of their lively chasing and open air exercises. Take them out for an expanded strolling session, on a rope. Since they do best when outside, it is fitting that you have your very own open yard, where your canine can play around uninhibitedly.


The short layer of the Billy pooch is anything but difficult to prepare. Actually, they for all intents and purposes don't require much care, aside from a bit of brushing of the coat once or perhaps twice every week, contingent on your puppy's cleanliness prerequisites.

Medical issues

Despite the fact that they are a hearty chasing breed, they have an exceptionally ostensible protection from icy temperatures, including their jacket write, which neglects to shield them from the cold winters. They may rapidly get issues like bronchitis if left in the serious icy climate for a really long time.


As an aroma dog, they would continue following fragrances on and regularly, thus chain preparing since its puppy days is of most extreme significance. Each time you put its rope, always remember praise or give a long embrace, or even a treat. Your pooch cherishes you and would relate its tolerant of the rope with winning your adoration and consideration (and obviously a treat).

Show it the essential return, take a seat, pause, or end, one by one, ideal from its puppy days. When it is effective in getting a summon, utilize a similar treat and treat trap. Utilize one charge for every one of its activity, and utilize it specifically for particular circumstances, e.g., once you think that its lost sniffing and following a trail, get back to it utilizing a summon like 'return' and utilize that specific order when it does likewise, whenever. Something else, your puppy may get befuddled and not react to the orders instantly.

On the off chance that you figure your Billy puppy will live in a pack, it is ideal on the off chance that you let the individuals grow up together. This would avoid potential outcomes of standard fights or improvement of any antagonistic senses in future.

Eating regimen/Feeding

It will require around 3 to 4 measures of dry canine sustenance day by day. Ensure, it is getting the fitting sustenance, particularly when it is growing up. You can likewise serve them crude meat, chicken, and semi-cooked fishes like herring or salmon.

Fascinating Facts

In France, by and by there are a couple of Billy puppy packs for chasing roe deer, and two packs are utilized to chase wild hog.

Billies were said to be the last canine to have plunged from a huge size fragrance dog.

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