5 Facts About the Black Mouth Cur Dog

The Black Mouth Cur is a rugged and strongly muscled working dog. The dog has got the name for the black coloration on its muzzle. The Black Mouth Cur is known for its protective nature, strong work drive and its herding and hunting capabilities. The dog has a square muzzle, broad chest and low hanging ears. It has a strong and athletic midsection with a long tail hanging low. It is an intelligent dog and is very affectionate towards children, making them a great family pet. They are extremely loyal to their masters and can do anything for them. Their fearless and protective nature qualifies them for an excellent guard dog too.

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The Black Mouth Cur's place of origin is a mystery. There is a clash on its area of origination. Some claim that breed originated in the mountains of Tennessee and some believe that it hails from Mississippi. The only info available about this breed that it was developed in the Southern United States as an all-around farm dog. The breed became fairly popular from the 19th century.  Some think that the term 'CUR' means a mix breed dog, the Black Mouth Cur is actually a purebred.

Personality and Behavior

Socialization of the dog from an early age will make the Black Mouth Cur a great family pet. These dogs share a close cond with the family and very loyal and protective of them. They can do well with children of any age. Their territorial instinct makes them an excellent guard dog. These dogs love their masters very much and can go to any extent for protecting them against any adversaries. These dogs will not hesitate to die for their owner for protecting them. It has a strong prey drive, and you should not leave it alone with small animals or non-canine pets.


It can produce a litter size of 3 to 9 puppies. In some case, it can go up to 10 puppies. It is vital to start their socialization early to make the demeanor of the dog a pleasant one.

Quick Information

Other Names Southern Cur, Yellow Black Mouth CurRed Black Mouth Cur, Southern Black Mouth Cur, Black-mouthed Cur, American Black Mouth Cur, Cur Black Mouth
Coat Hard to soft, medium, short
Color Red, fawn, brown, brindle, yellow, buckskinned (combined with white)
Breed Type Purebred
Group (of Breed) Hound, cur, working dog
Lifespan 12 to 16 years
Weight 50 to 100 pounds
Height/Size Medium; 16 - 25 inches
Shedding Average
Temperament Committed, affectionate, dependable, kind-hearted, protective
Good with Child Yes
Hypoallergenic No
Barking Moderate, prolonged bays
Country of Origin USA
Litter Size 4-10 puppies
Health Concerns Dysplasia, eye diseases, epilepsy



This breed requires an ample amount of exercise which mainly includes outdoor activities. Take the dog out on brisk walking and allow it to play and run in an enclosed yard. It does incredibly well on being trained for activities like hunting, herding, and sports like agility that keeps it engaged. Lack of physical exercise may develop behavioral issues in the dog. They are ideally suitable for homes with a big backyard or large space to run around.


The dog is an average shedder, thanks to its short coat. The Black Mouth Cur rarely requires trimming, and you can groom the dog with a hard bristle brush.  Bathe the dog only on getting dirty. Keep checking the dog's ears for any possible sign of infection. Clip their nails and brush their teeth regularly

Health issues

The Black Mouth Cur is a healthy and hardy breed. Some health concerns that may affect this dog are ear infections, eye problems, skeletal problems, epilepsy, and mange.


Start the training after you and the Black Mouth Cur dog share a good bonding. It might take a few weeks time. By doing this, it will make training of the dog easy. Be gentle and consistent in your training methods. These dogs are bit sensitive and may not tolerate your yelling and spanking. The smart and intelligent nature allows them to pick the things easily which you teach them. Keep the sessions short and not repetitive to avoid boredom in the dog.

Start socializing the puppies by making them accustomed to different situations, noises and people with different behavior. You can arrange for puppy parties which give them exposure to other canines. It will let the puppies learn to interact with the other dogs and to play with them. Supervise the whole gathering keeping in mind the dog's strong prey drive. You should not leave the Black Mouth Cur puppies alone with other animals and dogs.

You can conduct agility training with these intelligent dogs. Ensure that they follow your basic commands like ” Come,” ” Stop,” “Stay,” and "Lie" obediently. After obedience training, you can teach the dog tricks like jumping through tires or hurdles, walking on teeterboard and crawling through tunnels. Reward and praise the dog every time he attains his goal.


The diet and the food requirement of these dogs are similar to the other Cur dogs of the same size. Provide the dog with superior quality dry dog food. You should divide the dog's meal into two halves for two main meals.

Interesting Facts

People mostly prefer and search for the black muzzle variety of this dog. The other variations of this dog are thought to be a fault.

Recently, the breeders have started introducing black mouth cur mixes like black mouth cur-pitbull mix, the black mouth cur-lab mix.

A black mouth cur naming ‘Old Yeller’ was the protagonist in a 1956 children's novel written by Fred Gipson.

The AKC has put this breed in "Rare" category.


The dog's price may vary upon the breeder, its pedigree and the extent of training it has received. The dog with some preliminary training in a discipline like hunting or herding may cost more. On an average, you will get untrained Black Mouth Cur puppies from $250 to $800.

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