Border Jack (Border Collie-Jack Russell Mix) Info, Puppies, Pictures

The Border Jack, known for its insight, physicality, and intense nature, is a medium-sized cross between the two thoroughbreds – Border Collie and Jack Russell Terrier. The pooch's head is of direct width while its gag is all around characterized with a dark nose and a couple of dull, almond-molded eyes. Its ears can be variable – some may have floppy ears while others may have erect ones.

Demeanor and Behavior

Outskirt Jacks, on account of their chasing legacy, are dauntless, energetic, savvy, and vocal puppies with awesome working capacity. On the off chance that prepared legitimately, these cherishing, dedicated, and diverting canines make great family pooches.

Once completely developed, they could turn into the ideal running accomplices of their proprietors. Truth be told, they are constantly prepared to run, enthusiastically keeping pace and failing to complain about being worn out.

Despite the fact that they are well disposed towards people, they are not tolerant of cruel or oppressive conduct. Their wild nature could overpower for youthful children, thus their connections ought to be administered. The Border Jacks don't acknowledge the nearness of other canine pets and may even go up against bigger pooches.

Quick Information

Other names Border Collie-Jack Russell Terrier Mix
Coat Short, dense, smooth/coarse, double layer; fringes of hair may appear on the chest, legs, and haunches
Color White, merle, tricolor, brindle, brown, blue, black, brown and white, black and white
Breed Type Crossbreed
Group of Breed Terrier, Herding/Working
Lifespan 12-15 years
Weight 22-31 lbs
Size/Height Medium; about 15-20 inches
Shedding Moderate
Temperament Courageous, loyal, playful
Hypoallergenic No
Size of Litter 4-8 puppies
Good with Children An affectionate playmate for active older children
Barking Occasional
Country Originated in USA
Competitive Registration/Qualification Information DRA



It needs at least 30-40 minutes of energetic exercises to fulfill its general exercise necessity. Your Border Jack loves to hurry, hop, play, and get. Besides, you can likewise keep your puppy dynamic by including it in pooch sports including spryness or flyball.


To evacuate all the free and dead hairs, the Border Jack's jacket ought to be brushed each week. While it once in a while needs a shower, harsh or broken coats ought to be stripped twice per year. Brush its teeth 2-3 times each week to avert terrible breath and tartar development. Additionally, trim its nails each month if necessary.

Medical issues

Your Border Jack puppy might be influenced by some medical problems, for example, hypersensitivities, deafness, glaucoma, patellar luxation, legg-calve-perthes sicknesses, dynamic retinal decay, epilepsy, and hip dysplasia.


Fringe Jack pups could be a test for the bashful or unpracticed puppy proprietors. Since they can be hardheaded on occasion, they require firm, reasonable, and steady preparing.

To lessen your Border Jack's animosity against different puppies you have to deal with mingling your pet. The pup ought to be acquainted with new protests, places, and individuals just when the experience is controllable. Since the puppies sense or watch their proprietors' responses, you can make it perceptible to your pup that you appreciate meeting other individuals and creatures.

Preparing for flyball can be begun at home by instructing your pup to recover a ball. On the off chance that your Border Jack adores pursuing balls that are moving, you can basically sit tight for the moving ball to stop and after that discharge your pet to get it. Reward it with heaps of gestures of recognition and treats each time it brings the ball close you.


Your Border Jack's eating regimen ought to include nourishments high in protein. The suggested measure of dry sustenance is 1.5-2 glasses every day.

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