Boxachi Dog Breed Information and Pictures


The Boxachi is a hybrid of the Boxador and the Chihuahua. They are medium to little puppies that can acquire the little face of the Chihuahua or the to some degree wrinkled face of the Boxador. Boxachis have semi-collapsed ears, a short gag, and round to almond eyes. The legs are short yet forcefully assembled, while the tail is twisted upwards.

Boxachi Demeanor and Behavior

Much like its folks, the Boxachi is a profoundly savvy breed with a sharp and ready articulation, and are steadfast and attached to their proprietors and relatives. In the event that they are raised together, they are great with kids and different pets and can blend with them well.

Not being excessively versatile, making it impossible to climate changes, a few people may bear the warmth, however barely low temperatures. Some Boxachis can be very dynamic, while others are normal. In any case, inferable from their short stature, they are suited for loft life.

Boxachis are valiant, with an inborn guarding nature. They would start with their noisy objections the minute they discover anybody 'suspicious' around, a propensity that makes them a decent guard dog.

Boxachi Quick Description

Other Names Boxer Chihuahua Mix
Coat Short, glossy, straight
Colors Dark Brown, Light Brown, Tan, Golden, Brindle
Type Watchdog
Group (of Breed) Crossbreed
Lifespan 10 to 15 years
Weight Light
Height (Size) Small to Medium (depending upon the dominating genes from parents)
Personality Traits Affectionate, playful, loyal, active, alert, brave
Good with Children Yes
Good for New/First-time Owners Yes
Shedding Average
Intelligent Yes
Climatic Compatibility Not good with climatic extremities (especially cold)
Hypoallergenic No
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information DBR, IDCR


Boxachi Care

Boxachi Exercise

Despite the fact that they are appropriate for condo life, never skip taking your Boxachi out for a walk or a run each day, since they adore outside.

Boxachi Prepping

They are direct shedders, and have a short coat, which makes prepping and upkeep simple. Brush the coat twice every week, except don't trim.

Boxachi Medical issues

Like most crossbred puppies, they don't have any illnesses elite to their breed. Be that as it may, don't avoid the antibody dates and going to the vet yearly for a general checkup.

Boxachi Preparing

Try not to shout if your pup barks a considerable measure or too boisterously. To prepare your pooch, start with squeezing your doorbell. Give a 'quiet' motion on the off chance that it barks. When it comprehends your motion, give it a pat or a treat. Bit by bit, your puppy will figure out how to cease the association between the sound of a doorbell and its longing to bark.

Begin mingling it from the time they are youthful. Other than for work out, you can likewise take them out for shopping, a drive around your neighborhood, walking around the greens, or visits to a pooch stop. Charming encounters, new places or new faces will enable your pooch to remain quiet and adjusted.

Boxachi Eating regimen/Feeding

Thinking about its little to normal stature, 2½ to 3 measures of astounding dry kibbles would keep them healthy.

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