Braque Saint Germain

braque saint germain

The Braque Saint Germain (St. Germain Pointing Dog in English) is a medium-sized combination of the Continental and English pointing puppies. Reared for chasing amusement, the canine is sturdily fabricated and accompanies a somewhat adjusted head, well open eyes, medium-sized ears with adjusted limits, generally long, very much ripped neck, solid forequarters and rump, and a low-set tail decreasing towards one end.

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The Saint Germain Pointers follow their inception back to the 1830s when a gathering of Continental and English pointers was reproduced in the illustrious pet hotels arranged at the French cooperative of Compiegne. In spite of the fact that it was prevalent for its part as a seeker, it additionally took an interest in puppy appears all through the nation. It turned into the most prevalent pointing breed in the 1863 French pooch appear.

Beside being perceived by some universal breed registries and pet hotel clubs, it is recognized as an uncommon breed by a couple of minor chasing clubs and pooch registries.

Disposition and Behavior

In spite of the fact that an excellent seeker by nature, it is a unimaginably cherishing and dedicated pooch that dependably needs to be near its kin. It is a delicate breed that does not do well when treated brutally. It can live gently with kids, making for a superb mate.

Since the pooch was reared to chase either alone or in packs, it doesn't as a rule demonstrate animosity and can coexist with different canines when associated at a youthful age. Nonetheless, the St Germain Pointer ought not be trusted around littler pets without legitimate supervision or preparing.

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Quick Information

Also Called Saint Germain Pointer
Coat Short, slightly thick
Color Dull white, orange or fawn markings
Breed Type Crossbreed
Category Gun Dog, Pointer, Sporting
Lifespan 12-15 years
Weight 40-57 lb
Size Medium
Height Female: 21-23 in
Male: 22-24 in
Shedding Moderate
Size of Litter 4-8 puppies
Temperament Friendly, sociable, easy to train, lively
Hypoallergenic No
Good with Children Yes
Barking Occasional
Country Originated in France
Competitive Registration/Qualification Information UKC, FCI




As an enthusiastic working breed, the Saint Germain Pointer requires extended periods of consistent action. It adores going for long, lively strolls or runs and would frequently ache for circling and playing off-chain in an encased yard. You may likewise play a round of get utilizing a ball or a canine toy.


Your Braque Saint Germain requires routine upkeep including general brushing, incidental nail cutting, and washing with veterinary suggested cleanser. You likewise need to clean its ears much of the time for the counteractive action of diseases.

Medical issues

Starting at now, no hereditary or surprising wellbeing conditions have been overwhelming in this breed.


The Saint Germain Pointers will learn, constantly anxious to satisfy their proprietors, subsequently reacting rapidly to coaches.

Chain preparing

Give your Saint German Pointer a chance to get used to wearing its chain and neckline amid its puppyhood. Work on strolling it inside a room free from diversions before taking it outside. On the off chance that it pulls the other way while strolling, stop and don't move until the point when your pup comes to you. Abstain from yanking the chain or dragging your pet alongside you.

Prey drive

Since fragrance drives the pursuing intuition in your puppy, you have to discover exercises where this sense can be tested. In this way, when your puppy sees a feline or a squirrel and begins pursuing it, draw in its consideration by waving a bit of wiener or chicken close to its nose. You may play find the stowaway with treats, or utilize a toy or ball loaded with top notch snacks. When it comes toward you, put its chain on. Offer the treat just when it quiets down totally.


Being a dynamic chasing breed, Braque Saint Germain needs a nutritious eating routine for the satisfaction of its vitality necessities. You may give your pooch great dry sustenance containing 20-27 percent protein, 14-18 percent fat, and 30 percent sugars.

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