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The exceptionally old grouping pooch breed Briard (articulated: BREE-ard) is a thoroughbred puppy that has made its name included down the historical backdrop of time and has been prevalent for its streaming coat hair, rendering it a charming look alongside its hanging ears (here and there edited, albeit, now getting to be unlawful in Europe), wide gag, long whiskers and mustache, dark, square nose, extensive eyes, J-molded tail, effective, vast feet. Their body length is nearly the same as stature.

briard puppies

briard puppy


Cherished by the French individuals since the medieval times, we discover this breed has been said in twelfth century records and delineated in eighth century embroidered works of art. Hundreds of years back, they were utilized by their proprietors as prepare for poachers and wolves. Briards began getting associated with more quiet undertakings after the French Revolution was finished, such as guarding expert's property or crowding runs. Nonetheless, their history has not been archived well in USA, but rather some offer credit to the Marquis de Lafayette for presenting the breed, in any case, Thomas Jefferson had likewise brought a couple of examples of the briard in America.

Personality and Behavior

These French puppies can make a 'genuine rationalist' or a silly jokester. The reliable, defensive and committed briard would dependably endeavor to remain at home and keep its family cheerful and care for the kids with its long history of working with people, notwithstanding, willing to fill in as an enterprise sidekick also. The confident and autonomous breed has a tendency to be forceful now and again and is sharp, attentive and saved with outsiders. Being reproduced for grouping hundreds of years back, the puppy tends to protect its rush, wherein, it sees it family to be the 'run' and the outsiders as predators. This regional, snappy moving and lithe puppy is great with different pets in the family, if raised together, in any case, they blossom with overwhelming athletic exercises. The light step of this canine has been portrayed as 'mercury', rendering them the capacity to make unexpected turns, sudden stops or skipping begins expected of a sheepdog.

briard dog

Quick Information

Other Names Berger BriardBerger de Brie
Coat Double, long, fine
Color Tawny, fawn, grey, black (with variations)
Breed Type Purebred
Group (of Breed) Working, Herding
Lifespan 10 to 12 years
Weight/Size Male: 66 to 88 pounds; Female: 55 to 77 pounds
Height Male: 24 to 27 inches; Female: 23 to 26 inches
Shedding Moderate
Temperament Intelligent, aggressive, loving, protective, independent
Country of Origin France
Hypoallergenic No
Barking Occasional
Litter Size 8 to 10 puppies
Good with Children Yes
Competitive Registration CKC, FCI, AKC, UKC, KCGB, CKC, ANKC, NKC, NZKC, APRI, ACR, DRA, NAPR, ACA
briard dogs



Being working puppies, the briard would wind up fretful and obtain behavioral issues on the off chance that they are not given the best possible type of day by day exercise and exercises, including running, long strolling, or far superior, to give it a chance to keep running with its proprietor's bike and swimming, which they are really partial to.


In spite of the fact that the briard's jacket isn't inclined to get soil normally (like goat's jacket), in any case, they require incredible prepping for keeping their long hide shiny and sound, as likewise to make it shed lesser and forestall getting tangled. Keep ears wipe and trim off over the top hair their and on the foot-cushions, shower them once every 6 to two months, brush their teeth 2 to 3 times each week, trim nails fortnightly, and for best outcomes, dedicate no less than two hours for each week on your canine.

Medical issues

Generally screened for innate SNB (Stationary Night Blindness) with DNA test acquired through passive qualities, this breed is even defenseless against losing visual perception, particularly at more established age, including different ailments like CHD, night visual impairment, PRA, gastric torsion, cardiovascular issues, hip dysplasia and so on.

briard dog breed


The premier obligation of the proprietor is to prepare it to mingle, which is particularly critical for this breed keeping in mind the end goal to avert crowding conduct that outcomes in hostility towards outsiders and littler pets. Being resolved and forceful, this breed would need to build up initiative on its proprietor for which reason, go about as the pack pioneer while preparing or going out for strolls and so forth. Set guidelines plainly and solidly, promising it to acknowledge more pariahs, or to avoid propensities like burrowing, biting, nipping at heels and so forth. Carton preparing is likewise imperative, particularly when still a puppy.


Briards have a tendency to be large and subsequently watching out for what they eat is vital, including developing sound propensities like partitioning their feast into two sections, instead of one single dinner, and with a 12-hour pace. Most sort of meat, vegetable, products of the soil starch (potatoes, rice) table pieces are alright to add to their eating routine, if it doesn't surpass prescribed calorie admission. For dry kibbles, 3 to 4 measures of fantastic sustenance every day is sufficient.

Fascinating Facts

Press accounts going back to 1982 have fixing the Briard to 2 human assaults, including one demise.

Briards would tend to push individuals and other family pets with head to keep them 'inside limits'.

These mutts are suited preferably to protection canine/police pooch trials.

These thoroughbreds have been blended as of late by raisers, similar to the Afghan Hound/Briard blends, well known as the 'Afaird'.

In 'Dennis the Menace', there is a briard character called Ruff.

A briard named Norman made its name over the net for its recordings demonstrating its hurrying abilities (see video beneath).

The biggest recorded litter size of the briard is 17.

Chronicled characters like Napoleon, Charlemagne, Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson all claimed their own particular briard pooches.

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