Cheagle Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Cheagle Dog is a small sized designer breed that was devoloped by crossing the Beagle and the Chihuahua. This cute looking dog has a broad, round shaped head with soulful and saucy eyes. The muzzle is mostly short and pointed like its Chihuahua parent. Some Cheagles may have longer and wider muzzle like the Beagle. The ears can be floppy like the Beagle or in few cases high erect like the Chihuahua. It has a sickle-shaped curly tail that gets straight at the time the dog becomes alert. They are compact and portable like a toy, and you will have no problem in carrying them. The breed is gentle and fun loving like the Beagle with alertness quality of a Chihuahua.

Cheagle Puppies Picture

Cheagle Temperament and Personality

The Cheagle is a combination of behavior and personality of its two parent breed. It has an outgoing nature like Chihuahua with a playful and loving disposition of the Beagle. The Cheagle is a highly active dog and a great attention seeker. They enjoy the company of their owners and love to snuggle on the lap the people it is close to. Like the Chihuahua, this dog may too show protectiveness and attachment towards a single family member over other people. This behavioral trait might induce a sense of jealousy in the Cheagle dogs.

Their attitude towards children might vary as they carry genes of two separate breeds. They might friendly and loving like the Beagle or immensely intolerant like the Chihuahua. It is better to let the dogs interact with young children after their socialization training is complete. The parents must ensure too that the kids are not mishandling the dogs. This well behaved dog may start a high pitch yelling like a Chihuahua or howl loudly like Beagle on getting excited. These dogs have inherited the strong sense of smell like the Beagle which is helpful in tracking scents. Keep these dogs indoors as they are a bit fragile in nature and are not suitable for extreme weather conditions.

Cheagle Puppies

Quick information

Coat  Short, smooth, straight and shiny
Color White, brown, cream, black
Breed Type Crossbred
Group (of Breed) Designer
Lifespan 10 to 15 years
Size and Height Small; 9 to 14 inches
Weight  9 to 20 pounds
Litter size About 9 puppies
Temperament/ Characteristics Brave, loving, affectionate, loyal, protective and playful
Hypoallergenic No
Good with Children Better with older children
Barking Occasional to moderate (yelling and howling when excited or even out of boredom)
Shedding Minimal
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information DRA, IDCR, ACHC
Originated in U.S.A

Cheagle Dog Care

Cheagle Dog Exercise

Their active and highly energetic nature demands a lot of exercise on a daily basis. Take the dog out for walking or jogging for about 30 minutes regularly. Homes with a big yard or garden shall be incredibly good for the Cheagles. It will help the dogs to play around and indulge in outdoor activities. Keeping the chasing instinct of the dogs, it will be better to put the dogs on leash. Daily exercise will help in rejuvenating the dog mentally and physically. An idle dog might get bored and show like aggressiveness, excessive barking, or chewing.

Cheagle Dog Grooming

The Cheagle Dog has a short haired, smooth and straight coat that is easy to maintain. Try to brush the dog four to five times in a week using a solid comb. Use a mild shampoo for bathing the dog. Bathe the Cheagle Dog sparingly as they are prone to developing a dry, flaky, or irritated skin. Check its eye regularly and clean the ears on a weekly basis to prevent any infection. Trim the nails on getting long and brush the teeth regularly.

Cheagle dog Health Issues

The Cheagle dog might get affected by some common health problems attributed by its parent breed. They can suffer from issues like patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, hypoglycemia, chronic bronchitis, hypothyroidism, and epilepsy. You need to check for dental problems too which are often found in this breed. This dog might sometimes get affected by costly and painful disorders of the heart and eye.


The small size and high energy level of the Cheagle dog can make it challenging to train them. There are chances that these dogs might develop small dog syndrome. The trainer has to be patient and tactful in his training methods. He has to be immensely firm and consistent to succeed in training this dog.

Socialization and obedience training of this dog must start from an early age. It will help in restricting their aggressive behavior towards other dogs which is a common trait seen in Chihuahua. The owner must be able to channelize the dog's inherent smelling and tracking skill of the dog in a positive way. House training this breed can be a bit problematic. You need to start early for teaching the dogs to housebreak with ease. Do not use harsh methods for teaching the dogs. Use positive reinforcement techniques to make the training process exciting and interesting.

Cheagle Dog Diet/Feeding

You can feed the Cheagle dog about 3/4 cup to 1 1/2 cups of high-quality dry dog food on a daily basis. Make sure that the dog gets valuable nutrients like vitamins, dietary fibers, and protein in their diet. Formulated food meant for small dog breed will be good for them. These food are designed to meet the energy needs of small breed dogs with fast metabolisms.


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