Chigi – Dog Breed Health, History, Appearance, Temperament, and Maintenance


The Chigi is a crossbreed between the Chihuahua and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Like its folks, this puppy makes a ponder pet with an exceptionally cherishing demeanor, alongside every one of the properties that its folks have. It is a little-estimated puppy that is cherishing, wise, tender, perky and set apart by collectedness. This toy breed is one of those that can make a solid bond with its proprietor and his family. With its little to medium size coat, they are for the most part found in copper to orangish tones. The chigi has erect ears, dim eyes, and nose. They have a tough structure and a long tail.

chigi dog

Chigi Demeanor and Behavior

The chigi is a standout amongst the most unassuming and very much mannered puppies with the adorableness of the Chihuahua blended with the grouping senses of its Corgi parent. They are well disposed of with individuals and would dependably be anxious to satisfy the proprietor and his family. Not only that, they are constantly alright with the two outsiders as additionally the children.

Care ought to be taken that they are not left for extended periods with kids, particularly if your chigi has taken the side of its chihuahua parent (and are littler in measure), in order to keep away from any conceivable mishaps. The chigis likewise run well with every single other pet in its family, including the puppies and the felines.

Chigis mingle well, particularly if your socialization preparing is sufficient to keep this canine in a decent personality. They don't generally make a decent guard dog, yet they would not bark much, and are normally peaceful, if not drawn closer by outsiders, or they don't go over anything suspicious. All things considered, they would give caution calls just to alert their relatives of any looming risk.

This breed is a one-man pooch and would make a solid bond with one part specifically in its family with whom they are close. Basically, thinking about their manner, the chigis make incredible family and loft puppies.

Chigi Quick Information/Description

Also known as Chi-Corgi, Chorgi, Chihuahua Corgi Mix
Coat Long, short, medium
Colors Black, Black & White, Golden, Light Brown, Red, Silver, White, Black and Tan, Blue, Brown, Cream
Type Toy dog, Herding dog
Group (of Breed) Crossbreed
Lifespan 12 to 14 years
Weight 10-20 pounds
Height (size) Small; 7-12 inches
Traits Affectionate, alert, loving, friendly, social, gentle
Hypoallergenic Yes
Good with Children Yes
Good with Pets Yes
Barking Moderate
Country of Origin USA
Competitive Registration/Qualification Information ACHC, DBR, DDKC, DRA, IDCR

Chigi Care

Chigi Exercise

These are puppies with direct movement levels. They are not needing a vigorous calendar of activity. As a loft/family canine, the chigi would play all around the house, and that to be sure serves the essential piece of its day by day requirement for work out. Be that as it may, take them out for a rope walk and running in any event once per day.

An outing to the canine stop as often as possible would likewise be a smart thought. This pooch has a solid grouping impulse acquired from its parent, and subsequently, this ought to likewise keep a decent adjust of their attitude and keep it fit and glad.

You can likewise give them a chance to play in an open yard, on the off chance that you have one. However, know that the place is appropriately fenced and is alright for your pooch to run and play around unreservedly.

Chigi Preparing

The chigi requires a direct or normal upkeep. In any case, prepare them routinely, in any event once to twice per week, to keep their jacket in a decent shape.

Medical issues

Since chigis are cross breeds, they, much the same as other crossbred canines, are not inclined to any breed particular issues. In any case, care ought to be taken to keep them spotless and sterile in order to avert conceivable outcomes of any broad puppy ailments, or those that are carried on by qualities including hypersensitivity, dysplasia, ear, skin or dental wellbeing.

Chigi Preparing

Mingle your pooch when it is as yet a puppy, brought home from the reproducers. Since they are constantly prepared to satisfy you, they shouldn't set aside much opportunity to learn. Get them familiar to your pets, loved ones. Other general preparing, including potty preparing, acquiescence preparing are for the most part the same as most different breeds.

Chigi Eating regimen/Feeding

Give your puppy an adjusted eating regimen, for the most part brimming with general nourishment like most different types of canine need. In any case, do stick to quality, as likewise such nourishments that are implied for puppies of its size and vitality levels.

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