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The Chizer is a breed that created in the wake of intersection the two surely understood pooch breeds – the Chihuahua and the Miniature Schnauzer. Contingent on the hereditary breakdown of the breed, the looks of the chizer may differ as to which of its folks the puppy will go.

schnauzer and chihuahua mix

The chizers are little size mutts with a round to apple-molded heads, extensive ears, round, catch eyes, a dim, triangular gag, square legs and a level back with their tails generally docked. Despite the fact that they look little and weak, they are really more grounded than they appear to be. These pooches effectively adjust well in lofts, townhomes, condominiums, and other littler zones, while their size makes them an extraordinary lap canine. The Chizer isn't too cordial with kids, and are perfect for single proprietors, elderly couples, or families without kids.

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chizer puppies

Like the chihuahua, they are pooches with a strong disposition, yet are delicate, wise and sweet by personality. They are defensive and possessive of their proprietors and would ensure them like an extremely steadfast buddy. Be that as it may, they are likewise known to bark regularly. This is a result of their sharp feeling of hearing as a result of which they can hear the faintest of commotions. This makes them a decent monitor puppy also.

They adore getting consideration and love and appreciate spending extended periods on the laps of their relatives, embraced, nestled and kissed. These pooches are fun loving and would play to their souls' substance unless they in the end get worn out and nod off. They will invest a long energy playing with the relatives and youngsters, aside from that, they may on occasion wind up prejudiced with kids who are excessively vigorous, making it impossible to constrain them to play. They are likewise known to nip at children or tend to snap at prodding kids, if chafed.

These puppies are regularly modest, and would be frightened gathering outsiders or even obscure pooches. They want to bite, and would bite your shoes to your delicate toy, unless they are prepared something else. Additionally, inferable from their little size, this breed for the most part despises chilly climates, and are relatively inert in cool temperatures.

Chizer Care

Chizer Exercise

These are dynamic puppies, as likewise little, and thus don't require over the top preparing. Take your puppy out for a short walk or run, or on occasion to the pooch stop for a change. Be that as it may, make certain your pooch doesn't modest far from other individuals' puppies and figure out how to blend with them appropriately. Enable your canine to play in a protected, encased yard, where it won't be an issue to loosen its chain.

Chizer Prepping

These puppies are low to normal shedder, and you should prep them each substitute day. Brush them completely to enable them to dispose of dead hairs, and to hold the gleam of the coat. Watch out for the length of its hair around the eyes, ears, and nose, since their hair develops quick, and require visit trimming. Showering them once a month is sufficient, yet amid winter months, bathe them just when they are really grimy.

Chizer Medical issues

These puppies may have regular sensitivities. Keep an eye for ear contaminations, as they are very inclined to it. In view of their little nose, the chizer tend to wheeze and wheeze. They are additionally helpless to von Willebrand's illness, diabetes, liver sicknesses, colds, pancreatitis, pimples, kidney stones, liver ailments, skin issue, slipped smother, gum issues, and ailment.

Chizer Preparing

Clearly chizers are difficult to prepare and may show tenacious conduct now and again. Be that as it may, the chizers are exceptionally shrewd mutts and can get preparing effortlessly, in the event that you can deal with them reliably. Actually, they can rapidly get things and take in a wide range of charges. Since they are mutts that are for the most part modest, socialization preparing is earnest at an early age from the time you embrace your puppies from the reproducers or salvages. Youthful age can without much of a stretch reduce this issue.

Give them a chance to blend with more outsiders and different puppies. Your companions and neighbors may help you in such manner. Welcome them to visit you with the goal that your puppy gets used to new faces.

Housebreaking or potty preparing is likewise essential. Since these pooches don't do well wide open to the harshe elements, most people have a tendency to be cushion or paper prepared. You ought to likewise prepare your canine to figure out how to go out for strolls in the winter season, since it is exceptionally hard to take chizers out in temperatures underneath 10° C.

Likewise, give your pooch legitimate conduct preparing, and make it clear that terrible conduct is something that isn't worthy. Be that as it may, recollect not to be inconsiderate. Simply take after a reliable preparing strategy. Be a firm mentor to give your canine a chance to comprehend who the genuine pioneer of its 'pooch pack' is. In spite of the fact that, you should likewise remember that, it's anything but a simple occupation to prepare the chizer to quit woofing.

Chizer Eating regimen/Feeding

The prescribed sum is the same as other little pooches of its level of vitality. The amount can vary contingent on the age of your pooch, yet you can isolate the supper into two parts. You should likewise realize that, this breed can create nourishment hypersensitivities effortlessly, generally from red meat. In spite of the fact that exchanging their nourishment and sustenance propensities can deal with this issue. This can likewise spare them from assist gastric unsettling influences.

Chizer Fascinating Facts

The ears of the chizers are equipped for standing erect when they are at consideration.

These pooches can either have a long nose or a short one, giving the canines the look of either its Chihuahua or its Miniature Schnauzer parent.

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