Cirneco Dell Etna Dog Breed All Information

The Cirneco dell Etna is a small and slim hound breed, similarly seems like the Greyhound. The originated from Italy’s, Sicily Islands. It has erect ears, yellowish-brown color Coat, Slim shape Head, Long Thick tail, long nose and small eyes. This dog is trendy in Italy because of inbuilt hunting ability, intense sense of smell, intelligence, and high tolerance level.

Cirneco Dell Etna Puppies

Quick Information

Another nickname Cirneco
Skin/Coat Medium coat with a Shiny and fine texture
Available Color Isabella, tan, chestnut
Breed Type Pure-bred
Group Of Breed Rare found Hounds
Size Of Adult Small Breed
Lifespan/ Life Expectancy in Years 12- 14 years
Height(Inches) Male: 18 to19.5 inches; Female: 16.5 to18 inches
Weight(Pounds) Male: 22 to 26 pounds; Female:17 to 22 pounds
Size Of Litter 3 to 5 puppies
Temperament brilliant, watchful, independent,playful , active ,Gentle
Good with children Yes (preferably older ones)
Weather Compatibility Adaptable to varied climatic conditions
Barking Average
Shedding Average
Hypoallergenic No
Competitive Registration Qualification/Information AKC, KC (UK),FCI, UKC
Origin Italy



The Cirneco (pronounced Cheer-Ne-Co) dell’Etna’s another name is the Sicilian Greyhound. He may resemble a little Pharaoh Hound, but he is different Italian breed. The Cirneco is the extract from a Greek Word means “Dog Of Cyrene(Libya).”First of all Cirneco dell’Etna’s forefather came from Egypt after they arrived Sicily valley with Phoenician traders. Some Expert believe that Probably the Cirneco is silician breed without any existence in Egypt.

Over quite a while the Cirneco puppies persevered through the unpleasant scene and brutal climate, drawing in themselves in the undertaking of following diversion feathered creatures, bunnies and rabbits found along the rugged territory of Etna. Truth be told their thin, delicate appearance is, in reality, beguiling as these mutts were equipped for surviving sans for a few hours while seeking after their errand of chasing.

The early records accessible for this breed goes back to the primary portion of the 1500s when the legislature of Sicily forced authorizes on anybody utilizing this breed as their chasing buddy since this breed was said to convey a ton of annihilation to the neighborhood recreations.

Hence, They were nearly very nearly eradication amid the mid-1930s, however for the endeavors of veterinarian Dr. Maurizio Migneco, who had composed a contacting article on its unfavorable decay. As a Result, This dog had pulled in consideration of Baroness Agata Paternó Castello, a noble of the Sicily area, who put in 26 years in its recovery. Therefore, The national pet hotel club of Italy perceived the Cirneco in 1939, while it got affirmation for the AKC off late in 2015.


The Familiar and loving dogs are Independent like another hunting dog. They are anxious to receive love from the owner. The Cirneco is flexible to survive in different types of environment. Keep this family dogs indoors due to their thin skin, short coat and lack of fat.

Being allowed to sit unbothered for late periods may make them experience the ill effects of detachment uneasiness that this could bring about dangerous conduct.

Their association with visitors may differ as some would keep up a held state of mind towards outsiders. In any case, once they acknowledge a guest. They may show a misrepresented conduct, setting off to the degree of licking or bouncing upon them to demonstrate their adoration.

They could impart agreeable compatibility to different pooches just if mingled well but keeping in mind that the Cirneco dell' Etna. This trait may indicate hostility in their cooperation with different canines. Being excellent seekers, they are an aggregate oddball for houses with little pets. They would intuitively pursue these small animals and even slaughter them in the quest for chasing an amusement.



They need direct activity every day for a restricted stroll to help them channelize their vitality emphatically. They would appreciate unwinding or notwithstanding getting snuggled under the cover. You can likewise give them an adequate recess, in a very much fenced yard having a high divider. They are a specialist in avoiding, inferable from their strong hopping and impressive burrowing abilities.


Its smooth, shiny coat is anything but awkward to keep up, requiring insignificant prepping. Brush it once seven days utilizing an elastic curry or a delicate fiber brush. Bathe it at times when needed, with other prepping needs including cleaning its ears, brushing its teeth, and trimming its nails.

Health Problems

Cirneco dell Etna is a sizeable sound breed. There are no reports of it to experience the ill effects of any known hereditary conditions. Likewise another hound breed there is no serious medical condition found in Cirneco.


They are keen and don't effortlessly overlook what they realize. Be that as it may, somebody with a firm outlook is expected to deal with their stable willed nature. You should prepare the Cirneco on socialization since the time they are doggies so they would have the capacity to acknowledge the great encounters or circumstances emphatically and be caution during an intrusion. Due to hound nature, It's very Challenging to stop your Cirneco while performing the destructive task. Therefore, training it to take after charges like "stop," or "pause" is to a significant degree fundamental with the goal that they may end the minute they hear your voice.


The Excellent Cirneco Dell Etna puppy nourishment with an improved natively constructed abstain from food in estimated sums would keep it sound.

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