5 Things to Know About Clumber Spaniel

The Clumber Spaniel is a gentle breed that was devoloped in the United Kingdom as a gun dog. It was devoloped with the intention of having a dog that can catch game birds for the hunters. The dog is the largest of the Spaniel family. It has a heavy body, short legs, large head and a broad muzzle fitted with a square brown nose. The eyes are dark amber and the ears are triangular with rounded tips. They love playing in the water and retrieving games. The Clumber Spaniels are a great family dog and mainly devoted to a single person. The dog is among the first ten breed to gain recognition from the (American Kennel Club) AKC.

Clumber Spaniel History

There are few theories about the origin of the Clumber Spaniel dogs. One theory tells that the dog was devoloped in France by the French Duc de Noailles. The threat of revolution forced him to shift the dogs to his close friend, the Duke of Newcastle, in England. The Duke's estate name was Clumber park which was the genesis of the breed's current name. The second theory depicts that breed was created by crossing the Alpine Spaniel and the Basset Hound. It is the main contributor behind this dog's heavy build. It makes him slower in upland hunting job which is quickly accomplished by his lighter-boned spaniel cousins. The dog was the first to get recognition from AKC in 1884 along with nine other breeds. The Clumber dog is rare and is hard to find.

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Clumber Spaniel Temperament

The Clumber Spaniel is sweet, gentle, calm, and an affectionate breed. These dogs mostly spend their time eating, relaxing and sleeping on the couch. They are great family pets and bonds well with all of the family members. They are mainly close to one member of the family. The dog does not bark much and is not a great watchdog.  Keep good quality chew toys for them as they are a curious breed and they love to carry things in their mouth. Try to keep the dog occupied in something or the other. On being bored, it can resort to destructive behavior like surfing kitchen counter, raiding cupboards or fridge, destroying toys and other household items.

They are an excellent playmate for children as these dogs have a fascination for fetching things. They may tend to knock down the kids without any apparent reason or steal food from them. It will be better to supervise the playtime of kids and dogs by the adults.  Keep the smaller animals and other pets away from this dog keeping mind their inherent hunting instinct. Their adaptable temperament makes them an ideal choice for pets.

Clumber Spaniel Quick Information

Other Nicknames Retired Gentleman’s Spaniel
Coat Straight, Dense, Flat, Weather-Resistant
Color White
Breed Type Unknown
Group (of Breed) Sporting, Gun Dog, Spaniels
Lifespan 10 to 12years
Size Medium
Weight 55 to 85 lbs
Height 17 - 20 inches
Shedding Constant
Temperament Loyal, Affectionate, Gentle
Good with Child Yes
Litter Size 2 to 8 puppies
Hypoallergenic No
Country Originated in United Kingdom
Competitive Registration DRA, NAPR, ACA, CKC, FCI, AKC, UKC, KCGB, ANKC, NKC, NZKC, APRI, ACR,



Don't be deceived by their sluggish look as they are quite active dogs. Regular long walks clubbed with mentally stimulating games shall be beneficial for them. They love swimming and they will enjoy spending time at the poolside. The owner the and dog can engage in active games like chasing the ball and in frisbee in the backyard. Do take the dog for jogging as they might strain or injure their joints.


The Clumber Spaniels needs regular grooming as these dogs shed frequently. Brush the dog with a medium comb thoroughly one to three times in a week. Clean the dog's mouth regularly as they tend to slobber and drool. Clean their ears dry after swimming session to prevent any kind of infection. The coat does not need a lot of trimming. Regular brushing is enough to take care of its coat. Trimming of the nails should be done on a monthly basis. Bath them only on getting dirty and that too with a shampoo.

Medical issues

The Clumber Spaniel can encounter some common canine health issues. It includes skin allergies,  and entropion or ectropion (eyelids that turn either in or out). You may see signs of panosteitis in their young age. The other health issues you need to watch out for are a cataract, obesity issues, hypothyroidism and ear infections.


The Clumber Spaniel dog is easy to train, thanks to its good memory and eager to please its master demeanor. Proper socialization training of the dog is a must to make it communicate well with the strangers and other animals. The trainer needs to be patient, calm and confident at the time of training them. They do not respond well to harsh training methods. Assertive training with positive reinforcements will do very well for training this dog. This is important to prevent the dog from taking over as the pack leader. The dog might show traits of stubbornness which can be controlled by appropriate obedience training. Praising them or rewarding them with treats shall make your training method more fruitful.

Diet and Feeding

You have to be vigilant about its food intake and see that you Clumber dog does not become obese. The excess weight can put a strain on the joints and bones of the dog. Properly monitor the dog's food for controlling its weight. It will be apt to give them home cooked lamb diet, rice and vegetables. You can provide them the supplements that are being prescribed by the vet. You can feed the dog 2 to 2.5 cups of high-quality dry dog food, divided into two equal meals. Feed the puppies about 4 to 6 cups of dry food daily.

Interesting Facts

Its possession was restricted to the noble class only and its breeding was almost stopped at the time of World War I. It was in the year 1925 that King George V restarted its breeding again.

The rare breed of Clumber Spaniel ranks 121st among the 155 breeds that are recognized by AKC.

It was popular with the hunters in the nineteenth century who used this dog as a gun dog.

The Clumber Spaniel was a pet dog of Edward, the Prince of Wales.

It is a mixed breed of the English Springer Spaniel and Clumber Spaniel.

Clumber Spaniel Puppy Price

The average price of a Clumber Spaniel puppy is around USD $800 to $1200. Be sure to take the puppy from a reputed  Clumber Spaniel breeder only.

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