Corgi Beagle Mix Dog Breed Information

The Corgi Beagle Mix dog or Beagi is a medium-sized designer breed that was developed by crossing the Beagle and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi or Pembroke. It resembles the appearance of both the parents. It has a long and slightly curled tail in an upward direction and droopy ears like the Beagle. They have big round eyes with dark brown color. The tail gets straight and erect as the dog notices an approaching stranger. The dog has the characteristics of its parent breeds like intelligence and liveliness. These dogs socialize well and get extremely attached to their family. These dogs are incredibly good companions which makes them a popular family pet. Training them can be a bit challenging as they are a little stubborn in nature.

Quick Information

Coat Thick, soft, short and weatherproof
Color Black and Tan, Lemon, Orange, Red, Red, Brown, White, Black, Tricolor, Blonde, Sable
Breed Type Crossbreed
Group Herding, Hounding
Size Medium
Lifespan 12 to 15 years
Weight 10 to 20 pounds
Temperament Social, intelligent, Friendly, Alert, Patient, Loyal
Good with Children Yes
Hypoallergenic No
Barking Howls occasionally
Shedding Moderate
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information ACHC, DRA

Corgi Beagle Mix Pictures

Corgi Beagle Mix Dog Temperament

The Beagi (corgi beagle mix) is a friendly dog and has inherited intelligence from both the parents. The dogs are loyal to their family and are always eager to please their master. The Beagi bonds well with children and older adults of the house. These dogs can become immensely protective of their family and cautious towards strangers just like a Corgi. The corgi beagle mix can get extremely territorial and protective on noticing any unfamiliar people or animals in their vicinity. The inherited strong sense of smell like its parents makes it a perfect for activities like agility and tracking things. Their playful nature and immense bonding with family make them an ideal choice for pets.



Give the corgi beagle mix should be regular exercise or it might get obese. Take it on regular brisk walks to keep them healthy physically and mentally. It can do well in apartment living with a right amount of indoor activities. Play games with the dog inside the house to cover its daily exercise needs and to prevent boredom. Lack of activities can bore the dog and it can resort to destructive behavior like chewing shoes or ripping couch.


To keep their coat clean and soft brush them regularly. It will help in minimizing the shedding. Bathe the Corgi Beagle Mix dog and clean their eyes and ears and teeth to prevent any infection.


This breed has inherited some health issues of its parents like epilepsy, back and joint disorder accompanied by some allergies.


Corgi Beagle Mix dog is a bit stubborn and training them can be a tough task. The trainer has to be patient and tactful in handling the tantrums of the dog. The trainer should adopt positive reinforcement techniques and avoid any harsh practice to train the dog.  The training of these dogs should start right from its puppyhood.

It will help in controlling in controlling its stubbornness and its aggressive attitude towards other dogs. Opt for those methods which include praising them and rewarding them on obeying your command. It will immensely help in the socialization of the dogs. Sports like agility will assist in their mental development and nurture their inherent hound instincts.


Give these dogs to a measure of ¾ to a 1 ½ cup of high-quality dry dog food every day. Ensure that the dog gets all the nutrients in their food that will help in keeping them healthy. Do not overfeed these dogs or they may get obese and get prone to various health ailments.

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