Horgi-Corgsky (Corgi Husky Mix) Info with Pictures

The two favorite breed the Siberian Husky and the Corgi create Corgi Husky Mix or the Horgy. The Horgi is the Medium size designer hybrid with corgis like appearance and size. This dog has a fat head, Almond-shaped eyes, perpendicular-shaped ears and short legs. An intelligent and well-tempered breed, Perfect house pet needs to train correctly. A full-grown Cogsky is maximum 15 inches tall. The Weight is Minimum 20 and Maximum 50 pounds in an adult.

Corgsky Pictures

Quick Information

Also Known As the Siberian Husky-Corgi mix, Siborgi Horgi
Coat Thick and Straight double coat
Color Blue, sable, white, brown, orange, red, cream, and Black
Type Of Breed Hybrid, Cross Breed
Breed Group Designer Toy Breed
Life Span/Expectancy 10 -15 years
Weight 20-50 Pounds (Adult Dog)
Height(Inch) 13-15 Inches
Personality Traits Alert, Lovely, Jolly, active, gentle,
Good with Children Yes
Barking Excessive
Hypoallergenic Yes
Origin USA
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information DRA


Excellent natured, affectionate, faithful traits like their parents making them a perfect family pet. These dogs are having an intense sense of alertness and loud bark to trespassers. The Siborgi is not a qualified guard dog as they can get familiar quickly with the stranger in a short time. Like their parent breeds, they are very jolly and excellent companion for children. The herding dogs need proper socialization before introducing any smaller pet or other dogs.

Horgi Care


The Horgi needs an average amount of activity, sufficient walk along with some playtime will keep these dogs happy and fit. He can misbehave if he does not get enough exercise. Take the energetic dogs to park where he can walk for two hours in a day and enough playtime.


The hypoallergenic canine needs to be brushed up once in a week in warmer months and daily in colder months to avoid massive shedding. Bath your dog once in a month because water-resistant coat may take lots of time to washed and dried.  Clean the ear, eyes in a weekly basis and clipping nails and brush teeth.

Health Problems

The husky corgi mix has an average long lifespan with inheriting health problems from both of its parents.  Back Problems, Hip Dysplasia, Degenerative Myelopathy, are the medical condition that they mostly suffered. Apart from these skin and eye problem commonly found in Horgi.


The husky corgi mix is brilliant, strong-willed and easy to train. Give your corgsky puppies socialization training which helps them to interact with other canines. Take your puppy to park or arrange dog party to introduce them to other pet and different kind of peoples because it will help them to identify strangers and friends. The Horgi needs command training to get rid of annoying habits like excessive barking or chasing the moving objects. Leash training will help them to the inclination of chasing.


Corgi Husky mix required good quality canine food to keep them healthy and intellectually fit. The pooch has tended to get overweight, so, careful before pampering their feed.

Corgi Husky Mix Price

A Corgsky puppy will cost you around $300-$ 700.You have to buy a collar, crate, and carrier and recurring cost are like food, toys.

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