Husky Pug Mix Breed Information and Pictures

Husky Pug Mix

The Husky Pug Mix or the Hug dog was created by crossing the pug with Siberian husky. These two are unique breeds and it quite interesting to see a crossbreed that is created from dogs that are incredibly different from each other regarding size and characteristics. The hug dog can have a short and fine coat of the pug or the long and thick coat of the Siberian husky.

The dog’s size can vary depending on which side of its parent breed it will inherit. The Husky Pug mix has a squashed face and pointy or flat hanging ears. The mask is dark and the muzzle is short like the pug. The Hug dog or the Husky Pug mix can be an excellent pet.  You can use it for other purposes like guarding, searching and rescue work.

husky and pug mix

Behavior and Temperament

The Husky Pug Mix is a friendly dog clubbed with intelligence and loyalty. They inherit the characteristics of pug’s friendliness which makes them highly affectionate towards their family members. The Husky Pug mix can be lazy and act like a couch potato sleeping and sit at one place for the whole day. The Hug dogs who inherit more characteristics of the Husky may not adjust to apartment living conditions. They may show willful or single-mindfulness in their behavior. They are an alert breed and make an excellent watchdog.

Numerous Hugs can be languid lounge chair potatoes, sitting in its bed, resting or dozing. Some embrace pooches may likewise not feel exceptionally good living in little living spaces, a characteristic acquired from their Husky guardians, particularly in the event that it is on the greater side.

They may even show determination or stubborn conduct. Being a to a great degree ready breed, they make great guard dogs.

Quick Information

Other names           Pug Siberian Husky Mix
Coat Long, short, smooth, straight
Colors Gray, red, black, silver and white
Type Watchdog, companion dog, working dog
Group Crossbreed
Life expectancy 12 to 15 years
Height Medium
Weight 30 to 60 pounds of full-grown adult dogs
Personality Intelligent, loyal, loving, energetic, friendly, alert
Good with Children Yes
Hypoallergenic No
Good with other pets Yes
Barking Moderate
Shedding Heavy to average
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information DRA



The Husky Pug Mix is a highly energetic dog and requires sufficient amount of exercise regularly. They are a working dog breed and have an inclination of physical exertion in their genes. Take the Hug dog on long walks with a leash for at least an hour.

Physical exercises like jogging and hiking can be incredibly helpful. Allow the dog to play on its own in a big enclosed yard to channelize its energy appropriately. You can also participate with the dogs to make the exercise sessions more interesting. Involve yourself and the dog in some interactive and retrieving game.


You have to brush your Husky Pug Mix twice a week if it has a short coat like the pug. You have to groom it three to four times in a week in case if it has long coat like the Husky. Clean the ears of the wax and trim the nails regularly. Bathe the dog only when necessary.


Obedience training of the Husky Pug Mix dog must start right from the time of puppyhood. Make the dog sit next to you with a leash tied around its neck.  Wave your flat palm close to the muzzle of the dog and utter firmly STAY. Then get up and stand in front of the dog for a while and then go back to your seat again. Reward the dog with praise and treats if the dog obeys your command completely.

To make your husky Pug Mix dog active and to get rid of its laziness you can tempt them with their favorite toy or treat in your hand. It will help in getting rid of the dog’s sluggishness. Husky Pug Mix can engage in other exciting games like hide-and-seek or chase the ball which will make the dog active instead of sleeping in the corner of the room.

Keep socializing the Husky Pug Mix for the rest of its life. You can ask your friends and neighbors who have dogs to come to your house frequently. It will help the dog to interact with other pet dogs and their owners.


You need to set the diet schedule of your Husky Pug Mix dog according to its size. It is a highly energetic breed and you should give it high-quality nutritious food.

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