Yoranian Dog Breed All Information and Pictures

The Yoranian is a crossbreed dog, popularly known by the name of ‘Yorkie Pom’. This small dog is a cross between the purebred Yorkshire Terrier and the Pomeranian dogs. It has a well built compact body which is covered by long hair and a feathery tail.  The dog gets along with children under proper supervision. These cute dogs are very affectionate towards its family and can prove to be a great companion dog.

Yoranian Pictures

Quick Information

Other names Yorkshire Terrier-Pomeranian mix, Yorkie Pomeranian mix, Yorky Pom, Yoranian Terrier, Porkie
Coat Medium/short, thick, shiny, wirehaired; a double coat with a silky overcoat and thick undercoat occur
Color Black, white, brown, golden/light brown, cream
Breed Type Crossbreed
Group Toy
Lifespan 11 to 15 years
Weight 3-7 Pounds (lbs)
Height 6-12 inches
Size Small
Shedding Low to Moderate
Temperament Loving, friendly, sweet, energetic, intelligent
Hypoallergenic Unknown
Good with Children Yes
Barking Occasional
Country Originated in United States of America
Competitive Registration/Qualification Information DRA, ACHC,DDKC, DBR, IDCR,


The Yoranian has got all the unique trait of his parent breeds. The Pomeranian is a designer toy dog Spitz-type dog. The spitz mostly bred in harsh, Arctic weather. Its size might be small, the Pomeranian shares the strong personality of his much larger ancestors. The Yoranian first recognized with his name at Pomerania in Central Europe. An England based British Royal family member brought two small dogs namely Mercury and Phoebe. These breeds became very popular in entire United Kindom in 1912.


The Yoranian is off-white to apricot color. The dog's hair is a bit wiry and gives her a messy impression.  It has a dense and well-built shape with long woolly coat and a hairy tail. The dog has dark eyes and small button type nose. The ears of the dog are erect, giving it an alert expression. This lovable and spirited animal is always friendly towards its family and makes a great companion to people.

Temperament and Behavior

These Yoranians are fearless by nature who loves their owner dearly and are suspicious towards strangers. They can become overprotective if not socialized well. This dog is having some inheritance characteristic from parent breed. The terrier heritage characteristic like barking at strangers, courage, and aggression towards other dogs. You cannot leave this dog alone at home for a long time. Be careful while introducing the dog to small animals like hamsters as its prey drive of terrier might kick in.  Adults must supervise the Porkie's interaction with the kids. On getting scared or irritated, they may bite people or little kids.



These are highly active dogs and can do well in apartment living conditions. They remain quite playful and active indoors and loves outdoor activities like long walks. Take them out for a stroll daily 20 to 30 minutes which will suffice his exercise needs. Give the dog ample toys to play with, mainly chew toys and puzzles to keep him occupied. Do not take the dog outside in too hot or cold climate.


The dog shed minimally and does not require excessive grooming. Brush its hair 2-3 times in a week with a metal comb or wire slicker brush. It will help to distribute the dog's natural oil evenly and to prevent tangles and mats. You can bathe your Yorkie Pom monthly by using a mild shampoo and conditioner to keep its coat shiny. Trim the nails of the dog if they grow too long. You can take a groomer's help for doing that. Brush its teeth two or three times in a week. Use ear cleansers to clean the dog's ears and prevent any type of infection.

Health Problems

The dog owner should know about some common health condition that can affect the dog. It is susceptible to eye problems like cataracts/blurred vision, lachrymal glands/ tear duct problems and dry eye. Few other issues like dental disease, collapsed trachea, hip dysplasia, allergies and patellar luxation can bother this dog too.


The Yoranian is a moderately easy dog to train, thanks to its intelligence and its eager to please owner disposition. The training methods should be firm and must have the element of positive reinforcement. You have to be patient with the dog as it can show some traits of stubbornness like the terrier.

Obedience training

Obedience training is important for these dogs right from its puppy age. Establish yourself as the master of the house from the beginning itself. Keep the training sessions short and consistent. Do not allow your dog to ignore your command frequently. It may develop small dog syndrome issue in him which can result in behavioral problems. It is important to teach the dog when not to bark as they tend to get yappy at times. Poms are not attentive for long durations and using short commands per session will be better to teach these dogs.

Teaching tricks

The Pomeranian-Yorkie mix is an intelligent dog it will love to learn new tricks. You can make the dog to learn "Crawling" which will be fun plus healthy physical exercise. Place a treat between your fingers and tell your dog to lie down. Allow the dog to lick the treat a little. Ensure you hold the treat firmly in front of the dog's nose. Start dragging your hand along the ground and see that your dog follows it. Reward the dog with treats and praises if he follows it by crawling for a few feet. You can extend the crawling distance with each training session.


The Yoranians might love to eat wet food; it is recommended to give then dry dog food along with it to take care of their dental health. You can give these dogs dry food measuring 1/4-1/2 cup a day.

Yoranian Puppy Price

The average price of a Yoranian puppy on buying from a reputed breeder will cost you around $100 to $900.

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