Yorkie Russell (Yorkie Jack Russell Terrier mix)

The Yorkie Russell dog is a result of crossing the Jack Russell Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie). These are sweet, energetic dog with a playful personality. They are small in size with proportionate physical characteristics. The dogs usually have a soft and long coat. Its head is round with dark eyes, floppy ears, medium size muzzle and a bushy tail. These dogs love attention and are very affectionate towards their masters. The Yorkie Russell can do well in apartment living condition and make an excellent household pet.

Yorkie Jack Russell Mix Pictures

Quick Information

Other names Jorkie, Yorkie Jack Russell Mix
Coat Long, smooth, silky, straight
Colors Black, White, Black & Tan, Brown
Type Terrier
Group (of Breed) Crossbreed
Life Span/Expectancy 12 to 16 years
Size Small
Height 12 inches (maximum)
Weight 6-12 pounds (full grown)
Personality Traits Energetic, friendly, loving, intelligent, playful
Good with Children Yes
Good with Pets Yes (except for large dogs)
Barking Average
Shedding Minimal
Hypoallergenic Unknown
Climate Compatibility Bit intolerant to cold climate
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information  DDKC, DRA, DBR, IDCR, ACHC,

Temperament and Behavior

These dogs are cute, friendly and incredibly loyal towards their masters with a lot of affection stored for them. These small sized dogs are energetic and love to display it in front of their family members and the kids.

The Yorkie Russell dog is an attention seeker and will show immense sweetness to those who give them that. On getting sufficient love and attention from its loved ones, the dog might show their affection vocally by barking and whining. These dogs might resort to destructive activities on getting bored. On being upset, the dog will show its sadness by retiring to its bed.

These dogs are usually comfortable in the presence of people and other dogs. It is the small children what makes them a bit weary. It shall be better to take extra care of the dogs with small kids around them. A fair amount of love, attention, and training can make the Yorkie Russell an excellent family pet and can do well in any type of settings.



The Yorkie Jack Russell Mix is an energetic breed, and average exercise on a daily basis is good enough for them. These dogs love to run, play and hop around in the house and garden. Let the dogs run around in open space to burn off their excess energy. Keep some toys and games indoors for keeping these dogs busy. Make sure they get their daily dose of activity. Taking them out for a short stroll or jogging will suffice their exercise requirement.


The Yorkie Russell dog shed minimally, and not much of grooming is required. Its coat may tend to get tangled or pick debris which can be taken care of by cutting its hair short by a groomer. Bathe the dog with shampoo if you feel it is necessary. You should brush its teeth 2 to 3 times in a week.

Health Issues

It is a hardy breed with some reports of dental issues which they often inherit from their Yorkie parent. Few individual dogs might encounter the issue of joint problems. You need to watch out for genetic problems in these dogs. The other issues that can trouble this dog are eye problems, hypoglycemia, collapsed trachea, Patellar luxation, Legg-calve-Perthes, deafness and reverse sneezing.


The Yorkie Russell dog might be eager to please, training the dog is a different story. You have to be a little dominant right from the beginning as the dog might show some stubbornness. There some other issues too that you have to take care at the time of training.

Small Dog Syndrome

It is a problem that is very common among dogs of this size. Training them to keep a safe distance from large dogs will be helpful to make them feel safe and comfortable. First, analyze the distance which will make the dog feel comfortable from the large dogs. Start training the dog to maintain that distance that you have considered to keep it safe from the big ones. Praise your Yorkie Russell on keeping or maintaining that gap from the big dogs. In this way, you might be able to overcome his small dog syndrome.

separation anxiety

Separation anxiety can become a big issue for you and the dog as they are very close to their masters. To get rid of this issue, crate training will be the best thing to do. Introduce the dog to the crate and start leaving the dog alone in it for short period. Say words like 'CRATE' or 'BOX' which the dog can relate to the crate. Expand the duration gradually after the dog gets used to staying in the crate alone. Make the interiors of the crate comfortable and put some favorite toy of your dog inside it. The toys will help in keeping the dog engaged inside the crate. Puzzle type games will be best which will give the dog some mental stimulation too.

Attention Seeking

Yorkie Russells are big attention seekers and they can do anything for it right from whining and barking.  To overcome this issue, start ignoring the tantrums of the dog in situations like this. Giving attention to this kind of scenario will only encourage the pup to do it more in the future. On getting ignored, the dog will come to term in its attention seeking behavior.


You should provide the dog with high energy diet food to keep it healthy for the rest of its life. You can feed them ½-1 cup of dry dog food one time every day.

Yorkie Russell Price

The cost of buying or adopting a Yorkie Russell puppy from a reputed breeder will be around $200 to $600.

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